Hi everyone! smile This is my first journal here so i dunno wat 2 write in here. But rite now, i am soo surprised n happy at the same time!!! ^_^

So i'm gonna start of with my first Orindae 8th Gen! Its the first time i got something lik this n it really surprises me! eek

I was in the aquarium feeding my fishes. When i opened the clam, the it was! The Orindea 8th Gen!!! xd I was lik:' OMG!!! o.0'. So i quickly went 2 try it out. I'm soo happy tat there was a prince in the Orindae ( cuz i've been saving 2 buy something lik this but its lik taking an eternity 2 earn 2 get tat amount >.< )! burning_eyes I'm not rich in Gaia so i'm unable 2 buy anything fancy ( lik the Death Whisper,Fallen Wish,...oh u get my point). So rite now, i can buy watever i want since i've aly gotten "my prince" tat i wanted ( lol lol ).

Well, i think i'll stop here. I maybe will be writing something this upcoming x-max (not completly 100% sure). But i'll think i'll write something on special occasions lik New Years, Halloween, Chinese New Year...etc. ( the last Halloween i've 4gotten 2 write since i was a little busy tat month). 3nodding Bye 4 now, lov u all! ^^ heart 4laugh