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My own little Lullaby.
Thoughts, poems, songs and stories. Come on in and listen, read, and enjoy.
I stood there and watched as you held her hand and kissed her soft lips. I sat there listening to you as you told her how much you loved her and how you would never leave her. I saw her smile and hug you tightly. A week later that smile faded and tears flowed out. I suppose I could have warned her that you would do this, but I didn't. I have felt the same pain that she is now I thought. I watched you as you walked up to another girl and said hello. I took a sigh and shook my head. Over and over again you would break a girls heart, and not even help to pick up the peices. I walked over to you two and put a hand on her shoulder. You gave me a dirty look, and I was surprised you even remembered me, all the girls that you have been with. I whispered in her ear, and then walked away. I heard her call you something then slap you hard on the cheek. All I did was smile and continue to walk. The next day I saw you with another girl. I gave you a dirty look, and you just smiled at me and took her hand. I shook my head again and told myself many things at that moment. I looked at the beautiful young girl and felt a bit of sorrow for her. I closed my book and stood up slowly. You watched my every move, and I just sighed and shook my head again at you. Then I stopped and turned to you. I said something to you, though no words came out, and I knew you understood. You stood up and kissed her lightly then walked towards me. I tried not to pay attention to you, but it was quite hard. You grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me towards you. You shook me and screamed at me, causing a big scene, then you slapped me hard. I lied there on the cold ground, tears filling my eyes as I thought about not myself, but all the gilrs that you have done this too. The next day I saw them take you out in handcuffs, and I looked at you again and once again like all the days before, I just shook my head and sighed. I saw this coming I whispered but yet again no words came out. You tried to break free and get over to me. I could tell you were angry with me. I stood up and walked over to you then kissed you gently on the lips and whispered in your ear, "Goodbye sweetheart." And they took you away. I smiled to myself then and left the classroom. I walked down the road still smiling to myself. It was never your fualt I thought. You were just trying to make me jelous. I laughed to myself a little then. Jelous...I knocked on a door of a house on that road. "Hey hun" I said sweetly, "ready?" He gave me a smile and kissed me softly on the lips.
"Let me get my jacket," he said, and I smiled to myself and as he came out I took his hand and together we walked, down the narrow road...
It was never about you...

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