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Jesim's journal Welcome to my world

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The Origins of Jesim/Jesimenne de Devereaux
" No matter how man sins, i will not forsaken he who binds me to the mortal plane and so i wander these feilds of ash and pray for the forgivness of these black souls and for each prayer i sacrifice a feather and happily die "

Before the * makes air quotes * Big Bang, there were four races of demi's. There were the inventors, the communers, the spiritualuas and the powers. As time passed each race slowly began to die away of a disease. The inventors, scared by this development sealed themselves into a dome and slowly began to go mad, the communers prayed to the spirits of the plants and animals to be protected but slowly they all died away, the spiriualuas went into a suspended state with their spirits in a * makes air quotes again * Limbo and let their bodies die, but the powers were stronger then all the other races and slowly began to develope and immunity to the cause of the dwindling populations. The inventor who had completly gone mad by that time designed and built a weapon to destroy all the universe and the ones that they saw as unfit to pocess it after thay passed. When the last inventor died he set of the device and thus created the * air quotes * Big Bang. Though the universe had been thought to be brought down by the device the inventors knew only how to manipulate space, not destroy it. All the matter in the universe was compressed into the space of a single atom and then released. Some of the powers were strong enough to protect themselves and the others of the race but in the new expanse of the universe many died. The ones that survived mingled with humans and tried to cope with the fact that everything they knew was gone. There have been many incounters with humans in the early years that resulted in many deaths, not only of demi's. But today the demi blood is so diluded that not many demi's have powers anymore. I was born of a pure demi and a vampire, the result of human infected with a virus, so i have powers from both my parents and thus am very blessed. I also have my two sons, converged demons, Zeecia and Adrienne.

This poem explain my/Jesim's feelings

Here I stand,
Until the time
Was it a crime to see what cannot be touched
Hear voices speak words that can't be undone
Was it my fault I was invincible
To the naked eye, I am invisible
I cannot be seen
Because no one wants to see me
I am different
Different from the rest of them
So they ignore me
But I don't ignore them
No one is friendly
Why were they so blind
Because I am not them
I am only mine
I am different
But I can see
But they can't see me
I watch them fall
Divided they fall
Together they die
But here I stand
Until the end of time
Was it a crime that I was unique
Original to the human mind
I was invisible to there standards
Invisible to their lies
But as they kneel to beg
I watch them beg
But here I stand until the end of time
Was it a crime for me to live my life
A crime for wanting to survive
No one would answer
So I will wait until the end of time

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