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Stuff and junk.
RP Profile: Joey Chatsworth V.2
[Profile layout by me. Please give credit if you use it. ]

// Section I - Personal. //

► General:

Name: Joey Chatsworth (fighting name: Katsu)
Age: 24
Place of Origin: London, England.
Profession: Muay Thai fighter/ Teaches English in Italy.
Interests: Martial arts films, Teaching, Italy, Thai food.
Dislikes: Cats,Sushi, Magic.
Extra Information: Joey has no ability for magic at all.
Strength in Battle: Close proximety fist fighting
Weakness in Battle: Long range combat / projectiles
Mother: Kate Chatsworth.
Father: Adrian Chatswoth.
Sister: Melissa Chatsworth
Brother: David Chatsworth
Adopted Brother: Andrew Clarke

► Appearance:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196 lbs
Body Type: Athletic, toned, lean.
Hair: Brown, long spikes.
Eyes: Brown
Notable features: Slight stubble, outrageously high spiky hair style, scars
on torso and cheek.

► Dress style:

Casual: Smart shirts, jeans, boots.
Martial Arts: White shorts with red trim, hand and feet wraps, white headband.
Special Occasion: White shirts, open blazers (black or white), black trousers,black smart shoes, hair gel.


// Section II - Equipment. //

◘ Inventory (Armour and weapons.):

► 2x Tiger claw custom "Bracer Dusters".

Each claw is custom made by a Japanese weapon smith by the name of Takehisha. They are constructed from steel and various alloys. The steel has been folded much like a traditional samurai sword, with great amounts of layers, and solid, thick struts
of metal. They fit on Joey's arms and cover from the hand up to the elbow, making them bracers in technical terms. Each bracer covers his arms all the way around the forearm, with a hinge attached to the wrist that allows for the "glove" attachment to have good flexibility and movement.

On each of the knuckle segments of the dusters, there are three stubby razor like spikes. They are about two inches in diameter at their base, and are about two inches long.

Running along the palm, and meant for gripping with the whole hand, is a pole. It has three buttons on it, positioned for easy access by the second and fourth finger. The first button activates a spring mechanism, that sends the two outer "claws"
of the duster shooting out of the glove, on an telescopic rod that is 30cm long. The same button retracts the two claws if they are already out.

The second button shoots a high voltage of electricity through the glove partition of the gauntlet. However if the first button is activated, then the electricity travels along the extended claw's poles only. Again, clicking the same button again will stop the current, or it will stop automatically after eight seconds as a fail safe.

The third button is a quick release button that must be pressed and held down for three seconds. This button opens all the locks of the knuckle dusters, and un-equips them in seconds.

Both knuckle dusters have subtle differences. But both have the same buttons and button functionality.

Knuckle 1 (left)

This duster has an large disc built onto the top side of the hand. It curves into a point at the center and is lipped at the bottom. It is about 50cm in diameter, and is detachable when needed.

Knuckle 2 (right)

In place of the buckler this has a row of claws. Though these claws have no extending functionality. The two outer claws are 30cm long, and the middle is 35cm. Each comes to a rigid point, and has barbed endings.

( note: The buckler and claws are interchangeable. )


► 1x Steel plated headband.

The headband is made from a thick black cloth, about three feet long, and half a foot wide. On the front of the headband is a relatively thin piece of blackened steel that is about the length and width of Joey's forehead. It is bracketed at the back
with a rubber padding for added protection and comfort.


► 1x quarter staff.

The quarter staff is made from thick oak. And is separated into three segments. When bent, the three segments can become semi-detached, creating a diverse and unique weapon. Each segment is three feet long, making the weapon nine feet long
all in all. It is red coloured, with gold steel caps at either end to avoid splitting. The entire weapon has been varnished and coated in a thick substance that toughens, water proofs, and hardens the wood.


► 2 x steel knuckle belts.

These are simple steel knuckle dusters that only cover the knuckles on Joey's hands. Each one has a steel handle for grip, and has rubber coated long the inside for comfort and impact sponging.


► 2 x Steel leg bracers.

These are simple pieces of steel armour that covers Joey's shins. Each is lipped at the bottom where it opens up onto the foot. They only cover the front of the shins, with thick leather belts on the back that tie around Joey's legs. They are silver in hue with black trim. The steel has a rubber coating on the inside for comfort.


► 1x metal "tiger" themed steel face mask.

This mask is similar to ones that Samurai's used to wear with their helmets. It is black stained, re-enforced steel that has been molded into the shape of Joey's face specifically. It has a thin rubber and linen coating on the inside for comfort. There are holes for the nostrils and eyes in their respective places.

The out side of the mask is shaped like a humans face, but with Tiger attributes, for instance the eyes are shaped in a more feline way and the mouth protrudes outwards slightly in the shape of a tiger's mouth. The top of the helmet is bent over the top of Joey's head and has leather belts that wrap around the back of his cranium to hold it in place.


► 1x custom breastplate.

The breast plate is hardened steel and bronze alloy. It is coloured a dark bronze as a slight nod towards the Roman's military attire. A defined torso pattern has been indented into the breast plate and it has large studs dotted around the outside of it.

It was crafted specifically for Joey, and would not properly fit anyone else on. It has a linen and rubber coating on the inside for added comfort and warmth.

◘ Inventory ( misc and non-combat related.)

► Dark blue duffel bag.

A simple blue duffel bag, handy for storing items that one may need on their travels.


◘ Money (5000 GG.)
◘ Sleeping Bag.
◘ Flashlight.
◘ Nobile phone.
◘ Pair of "tiger claw" knuckle dusters.
◘ Wooden red oak bokken.

► Wallet.

A simple leather wallet. Handy for storing personal information and money. It has the word "Joey" imprinted on the front with an intricate design around it.


◘ Passport.
◘ Drivers license.
◘ N.I card.
◘ Business cards. (out of date)
◘ Credit cards.
◘ Personal pictures.


// Section III - Abilities and skills.//

► Muay Thai Boxing.

Joey has been training in Muay Thai boxing since he was a small child, therefore he is extremely proficient in the martial art. He trained in a genuine Muay Thai camp in Thailand for numerous years, and has won various tournaments through-out his career.

► Shotokan Karate.

Shotokan is Joey's second martial art. He started learning it from a later age than with Muay Thai, but is still fairly proficient in it. He utilizes the style well in MMA fights.

► Long distance running.

Due to various sports, martial arts, and general fitness training, Joey is a top athlete. Comparable to professional runners, his stamina, and muscle build allows him to be a suberb runner.

► Engineer.

Through-out college and University, Joey specialized in three things. Engineering was one of them which he earned a diploma in and uses in everyday life to aid him in whatever way possible.


The second subject he studied was Italian. He had dreams of moving there and teaching English (which he actually did at one point.) He is extremely fluent in the language.

► Biology.

The third and last subject he studied was Biology, allowing him to branch out in his teachings. Though he hasn't worked as a biology teacher yet, or in any scientific area of work at all, he plans to look deeper into the subject in his later years.

► Heart.

Though not an actual ability, when things are looking the worst for Joey, he gets a sudden burst of adrenaline and can push through it with all his strength. It takes alot for him to give up, and he always puts 100% into anything to do with fighting.

► Cooking.

During his years as a student, Joey was forced to learn to cook for himself. During this time he developed quite good cooking skills, and from there progressed them further and further. Nowadays he is a grade A chef, and has even worked part time at fancy restaurants through-out England.

► Sturdy.

Joey has an unusually high resistance to magic and blunt force attacks. Though this may just be a natural affinity, the training he received whilst in Thailand included alot of shamanic rituals and ceremonies that may or may not have contributed to his sturdiness.


//Section IV - Notable accomplishments.//

► Completed intense three year training regime within a Muay Thai training camp.

► Completed college, gaining four A-levels.

► Completed University gaining three Diplomas.

► Opened up successful Muay Thai dojo in central London (currently ran by his old sensei.)

//Section V - Timeline.//


Age 8 - Starts learning Muay Thai boxing. Joey was quite a frail, shy boy. His father enrolled him into a martial arts class at his local sports center, and that is where his love for martial arts began. Through learning the arts, and performing various techniques infront of the class his confidence grew over time and eventually aided him in coming out of his shell completely.

Age 12 - Starts up Shotokan after developing Muay Thai to a competitive level.
At the age of 12, Joey was a competent fighter and was extremely interested in fighting as a sport. He was most interested in MMA, as it was the most exciting to watch on T.V. This made him want to start another martial art so that he could improve his vast array of fighting knowledge, hence he took up Shotokan Karate as well as Muay Thai.

Age 15 - Leaves high school to travel to Thailand and join a Muay Thai Academy.
After completing his GCSE's early and becoming bored very quickly, Joey learned through his current Muay Thai teacher, that it was the season for the kid's in Thailand to go and join a Muay Thai camp for brutal, yet masterful training. Joey pleaded with his parents to send him over there for the training, and eventually they agreed.

Age 17 - Returns back to England with a new found knowledge and love for Thai food, aswell as highly developed martial skills. After the two and a half years of training with the Muay Thai master's, Joey's skills had improved considerably, he had outclassed his sensei, but still attended classes out of respect. After a year of attendance, Joey finally decides to leave the classes to pursue the opening of his own Dojo in central London, but for that he needed money. He applied for Harvard college at the age of 18.

Age 19 - During his years at Harvard, Joey studied Italian, Biology and Engineering at the top level. During this time he didn't let up with his martial arts training, and took home two regional trophies at the age of 19.

Age 20 - Sets up traditional Muay Thai Dojo in London with his former Muay Thai sensai. Harvard sponsored him because of the press it would bring them. It takes off well as a business and provides them both with a decent living.

Age 22 - Joey completes University with top marks and three Diploma's. Leaving his Dojo in the hands of his capable sensei, he decides to return to Thailand for a six month brake and a meet up with his other Sensei who had taught him back in the camp days.

Age 24 - Returns to England to find his Master had died of a heart attack during his sleep. feeling depressed and uninspired, he shuts down the dojo temporarily and once more takes off from his home to travel and master the ways of the fighter, whilst trying to find his true calling in life.

◘ Currently Katsu resides in the vast lands of Gaia, testing his mettle against various fighters and monsters alike. Most recently he is attending a mixed martial arts tournament known as the "Gaia Tenkaichi Budokai"

◘ Losing against a fighter by the name of "Deitric" in the third round of the GTB, Joey refused going onto the losers bracket and chose instead to leave the establishment in search of more training and a fresh new challenge.


//Section VI - Picture references//

[Ref 1.]
[Ref 2.]

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