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Stuff and junk.
RP Profile: Joey Chatsworth

Name: Joey Chatsworth
Age: 24
Nationality: British
Blood Type: A-
Birthdate: 12.01.85


Hair: Brown, long spikes.
Eyes: Brown
Notable features: Slight stubble, outrageously high spikey hair style.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 14 stones
Build: Lean, muscular.

____Dress style:

Smart shirts, jeans, boots.
Martial Arts: White shorts with red trim, hand and feet wraps, white headband.
Special Occasion: White shirts, open blazers (black or white), black trousers,
black smart shoes, hair gel.


Birthplace: London, England.
Education: College, University.
Family: Kate Chatsworth-Mother, Adrian Chatswoth- Father,
Melissa Chatsworth- Sister, David Chatsworth-Brother, Andrew Clarke- Brother (adopted)
Likes: Dogs, food, Bruce lee films, sports.
Dislikes: Cats, Jackie Chan films, Sushi.
Alignment: Good.


Dark blue duffel bag:

-Money (5000 GG.)
-Sleeping Bag
-mobile phone
-Pair of "tiger claw" knuckle dusters.
-Wooden red oak bokken.


-drivers license.
-N.I card.
-Business cards. (out of date)
-Credit cards.
-Personal pictures.


Muay Thai Boxing (highly proficient)
Shotokan Karate (Proficient)
Cooking (Decent)
Long distance running. (Proficient)
Can speak Italian (masterful)

____Super Human Skills:



Age 8 - Starts learning Muay Thai boxing.
Age 12 - Starts up Shotokan after developing Muay Thai to a competitive level.
Age 15 - Leaves high school to travel to Thailand and join a Muay Thai Academy.
Age 17 - Returns back to England with a new found knowledge and love for Thai food, aswell as highly developed martial skills.
Age 19 - Completes college with a A level in Italian and English language. Takes home the regional trophy in a Shotokan Karate tournament.
Age 20 - Sets up traditional Muay Thai dojo in London with his Muay Thai master from Thailand. It takes off well as a business and provides them both with a decent living.
Age 22 - Feeling the need for a change Joey leaves the dojo in his master's hands whilst he travels to Italy to work as a teacher.
Age 24 - Returns to England to find his Master had died of a heart attack during his sleep. feeling in-adequate he shuts down the dojo temporarily and once more takes off from his home to travel and master the ways of the Muay Thai fighter.
-Travels to Gaia to enter the GTB tournament.

____Picture Reference

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