hey all again, its the spatula of destiny, posting an update, again. w0000t. Anywho. =) things are quite exciting in my life. I moved into an appartment which I am now shareing with my brother. makes for interesting times. Boy I mentioned briefly asked me out on the 13th of march. Its been great ever since. He's amazing. and he treats me well. its really culture shock for me, because I'm so used to argueing all the time and such with my previous relationships. that the fact that we actually understand each other and think on the same wavelength is just kinda like "holy crap this is crazy" it kinda fell into place too. I'm excited. Although its hard, because he lives 300 miles away from me. sad in South Carolina. Which is not as horrible as it could be, because its just a 3 hour drive there. But at the same time it is still a pain in the butt.
I went to visit boy last weekend, it was awesome. I've decided that there is never a dull moment with him. Because he's always comeing up with interesting things to talk about or crazy sweet romantic things to do which make spending time with him really awesome. I lost my phone that weekend though, when we went on a date day trip thing to charelston. which was awesome. but at the same time a little bit upsetting. but its ok, cause now I get a phone that will hopefully not fall apart everytime I drop the thing. -_-; and hopefully it wont be as light, which means I wont almost loose it as much. Russ(boy) Graduates on the 9th of may, which is exciting. Although he's got a year of graduate school. so he's trying not to look at it as though he's really graduateing because he's still got a little more to go before he can start doing what he feels god is calling him to. I'm actually speaking to my mom again, its awkward. but yeah... anywho! I'll catch ya up on more updates next time I post =) I actually get to design and make my own dress in my fashion class this year. that will be interesting.
Anywho, C ya!

Music: Stratovarius-Lord of the Rings