Hi people, I havent posted since christmas O.o I feel bad about that, but oh well. So A LOT has happened my parents finally settled their divorce. HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY! I talked to my mom for the first time in four years. She didnt lie to my face again..well kind of did as in she made dad look like a total idiot and she made it sound like she did everything right and he is the reason for the marriage breaking apart. -_-; that I don't think will ever change. I'm so excited, I met a super cool dude at a retreat I went to with the Navigators on MLK weekend. >.><.< He makes me happy, and he sent me something for V-day =Happyness. Anywho, I'm still working on finding a way to study that works... sad I wish I cou ld do well on tests...hopefully I will why is it so hard for me? I dont get it. But oh well. I'm excited I'm going to see Avenue Q at around the 26th of march, and Skillet is on the 15th, and so is momocon... momo con might not happen though, because thats spring break week. -_-; its frustraiting. Frank! why did you dissappear on me again? If your reading this, I miss you, I want to talk to you if you can handle it sad .... I called your mom the other day on her cell cause we used to talk on it, and asked for you, but she said you were sleeping and she'd have you call me back later.

Anywho, thats all, life is crazy, but thats usual
Music: Newsboys-Thrive