hi people, its me! again, I think I just had the weirdest weekend of my life, from my brother graduating from college to family drama, to me explodeing my feelings at ben in which he now knows that I like him...alot O.o; We'll see if he decides to do anything with the information. He gave me a really long special hug on tuesday when we took him home from North Carolina. That was super nice. I hope he continues to either treat me the same, or ask me out, or something O.o or none of the above and everything could be stand still for awhile. I wouldn't mind that either. Anyways, thats what up with me, I'm still melting over events of this past weekend, still weirded out by alot of them as well. But anyways, I'll be around, so I'll keep everyone updated on recent events.

Music biggrin ragon force- Through the fire and flames