....Okay, I'm thuroughouly annoyed with myself..I've gotten myself in a fix...I've got like...the biggest crush in the world on this guy I know from school whom is super sweet and really amazing and cool and everything else (everyone else whose met him thinks so too...for the most part) and well, I feel like he has been kind of flirty with me, but I dont know if that is how he treats everybody or not, and im afraid Im going to get really hurt...especially if he winds up not likeing me...and it sucks. Also, I dont know if I'm ment to date anyone at the moment, and it sucks not knowing that and and and...I know he doesnt like me back atleast I dont think he doesnt and ...it just sucks...anyways thats whats new, raleigh was fun, but short, i'm going back to visit a friend of mine and spend more time with ben, and another friends while im there. So, I'll make a update on that soon. Anyways, I'm going to bed so I can go to my brothers graduation tomorrow.

Music: Cake-Comfort Eagle