says three to four people are reading my journal enteries regularly O.o;;; I wonder whom they would be...if one is frank I'd love to know >.< *misses frank immencely* Why did you dissappear again? sad anyways...I've been alright, up and down, annoyed with certain particular things in my life, haveing do do with relationships...blah. work is still around, and and and i'm still single O.o;; which is part of why im annoyed with relationships lol....anyways, I'm curious as to who is reading my journal currently, so if your reading comment or something lol...anyways, I'm out! ohz ohz, For people reading my journal, I have exiteing information. Skillet is comeing in town March 15th at the phillips arena, and and and Nightwish is comeing to America, but not Georiga specifically, I was thinking about getting a group together to go to one of their concerts though, even though there is not one in GA. ^^; Anyways I'm out.

Music: Nightwish-Moondance