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Calculating the probability that inane ramblings can be classified as works of art.
Be ye warned: Quotes and/or information, eye witness encounters, hearsay, facts contained herein are garnered from a highly biased source -namely, myself- and should not be cited in works of professional literature.
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User Name: Pellendro

Character Name: Pellendro de Lyonald

Race: Human, former Vampire

Age: (Present year - 1674). Assuming present year = 2007, his true age would be
337; appears in his late 30's

Abilities: Fine-degree manipulation of the air, such that he is able to shift the electromagnetic bonds of air molecules so that they behave in drastically unnatural manners: for example, forming semi-transparent solids (blades or shields to name typical examples), isolation of specific gases, creation of bubbles of air in certain other media (water) or regions of vacuum in air. It also serves as a form of echolocation and a sort of sixth sense, as everything that manifests physically disrupts the flow and currents of air; by result it grants him an almost preternaturally keen sense of smell.

Sub-traits: To a more limited degree he is able to create or manipulate physical phenomena that are resulted from or transmitted through air, such as light, sound, heat, and pressure. To cite an example, the friction from air molecules colliding with each other in sufficient quantity could produce a source of light or heat.

Whereas these were born from the remnants of vampiric telekinesis certain other traits have recently begun to surface over the years of practice with his new focus, the likes of which he has never before experienced.

Bio: Born the son of a noble family in 17th-century Britain, he seemed to be destined for a life of posh comfort until he was turned by a Vampire one night in his early 20's. His family was sympathetic, but very firm in their decision that such an abomination could not remain welcome in that house. The Vampire that had turned him took him in and trained him for decades, meaning for him to become an assassin for his clan. Thirteen years prior to present day he underwent a series of events that resulted in him falling in love with a human woman, and took the brunt of an attack that would have killed her. He was very nearly killed in the process, and was on the brink of dying when for reasons he does not understand he was reverted to humanity, allowing her to heal him and save his life. He decided thereafter to making a living with her and renounce his former life. The clan he left hunted him for his desertion, and he departed from his beloved in order to prevent her from becoming involved. The clan eventually captured him and brought him to their chief - he spared his life, but took his eyes in payment for the treachery.

Having found his beloved as claim of another man upon his return, he now seeks to again become in his heart and manner what he once was: nobility, born of high lineage. A wanderer he is still, moving from town to town every couple of weeks. His pocketbook is thin but he believes this is no reason for him to act the part of a pauper.

His eyes were restored by a healer in the years since these events, but he still wears the black blindfold that was once out of necessity. At first it was a tool for training his new abilities, and now it serves as his ward against all that he believes to be detestable in the world.

His troubles he has begun to blame upon those alien to the world: vampires, demons, lycans, and the like. Reasoning that since these races are either derived from humans or arrived after them they are therefore largely unnecessary, superfluous, and altogether distasteful. These opinions have rendered his attitude rather haughty and superior overall with only rare grantings of respect or gratitude.

This behavior is partially due to the continual refinement of his abilities, which he almost singlehandedly discovered based on previous telekinetic training. He considers it to be the evolution of classic wind magic - the use of up to gale-force winds and illusions. He reasons that it had not surfaced in this new form before because of its traditional nature. The nature, purposes, and applications of fire, water, and earth magic were always fairly well-known; those of the air were equally famous only for being much more subtle and tricky. In his view it was because of this that air was always used with the same mindset as the others; he theorizes that since it did not perform with the same effectiveness its true potential was largely ignored over time, used mostly to experiment into newer related fields such as lightning manipulation.

He finds it ironic to think that this historical focus on *moving* air - completely missing an entire branch of applictions - and the long-time underestimation of this ever-tricky element that followed is likely the most significant victory of its greatest riddle. If elemental spirits really do exist, he imagines that those of the air have considered this bumbling a very amusing joke for the past centuries.

What excites him most are the results of what happens when the ability to affect this on such an ordinary level is unlocked. The conclusion he reached is that because the air is such a passive element normally its effectiveness and importance to life and nature is underestimated even now to a degree that is simply frightening. If it minds its manners things function normally and life barely notices its existence and takes it for granted. If it becomes agitated - in the case of a stiff breeze - life finds it an inconvenience and normal activities and devices are thrown somewhat off-course.

If it can be made to rebel outright, such as actively preventing a bullet from travelling as it should...or simply refusing a diaphragm's command to enter a pair of lungs...

Likes: Refined tastes, pleasing odors, snow and winter.

Hates: The uncouth, those of quick temper.

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