Fraaank...where are you, I'm worried about you, are you doing okay? yeah...besides that, I'm doing okay, I miss caleb immensly, and he's showing signes of matureing and wanting to fix problems...and we have not fought at all recently which is good. I'm really glad things are getting better, we are not dateing yet...but I thikn that is a high possibility in the mabye near future who knows ^^ whatever god wants is what i will do....yeah anyways Just updateing, frank if you read this please find some way to contact me, im worried about you.

Mood:bored sleepy
Music:none(for once^^)

I come to you, oh god, in the stillness of my heart
I need your healing and your voice in the stillness of my heart

Speak to me and show me who you are
rescue me with your unfailing love and mercy
speak to me and show me who you are
Hold me tightly in your arms and never let me go

I hear you calling out my name in the stillness of my heart
your grace is given me again, now I open my heart

I remember singing praises to your name every day with all my might
How I long to sing to you again

yay for Aaron shust ^^ I love his lyrics good simple and to the point. wink