hmm wonder why nobody has read that last journal entery, oh well. O.o;; i post again, Gwen has a friend who looks almost identical to caleb. his personality is different way different, but his resemblance to caleb is uncanny....its kinda weird O.o;;; i'm not quite sure how i should react to that....yeah speaking of caleb, he has my stuff, and i want it back, sad and yeah...i stole back my sword from him, because i couldnt really get in contact with him and i didnt really want to ask him for it while i was there, i feel no remorse for doing it either cause it was mine. But yeah, so i have my sword and my manga, but i want my game and my cd and im not sure if he has anything else of mine. i dont think he does but im not sure. anyways yeah, i start classes next week, im not thrilled about it but theres nothing i can do reall,y ^^ so yeah, =) I havent spoken to caleb in almost a month O.o its kinda weird but its okay...i keep being tempted to call him and instant message him and such, but i havent so yeah. I miss it, but I dont at the same time. anyways I go do other stuff now

Mood:happy and not happy kinda mixed ish
Music:kuttless-Draw me close