Abeno Seimei
350k plat

And you're the winner~

Send me a trade, then fill out this form - you can DM me if you don't want to post it publicly. You can fill out everything or mark everything as CC, whatever you want. Please remember though as this is a semi-custom no definite/explicit details are allowed (such as "use this ghoulie tail" or "use this unicorn horn" wink !

Type: Alicorn/Awakened, Hybrid, Mutant, etc
Breed(s): 3 max for hybrids
Base: A or B
Morphs allowed?: Morphs are not part of the breed and may not be chosen directly but this will allow me to use them if I wish
Inspiration: Palette, mood board, image, etc. I do not typically work well with music inspos, so DM me if you're thinking about one and I'll let you know if I think I CAN