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Niyaru Delacroix

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:27 am
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This is a short story contest for the above pony!

Open:: Now
Closes:: Thursday, May 2nd at 1 P.M. CT [CT Time Clock]
PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:27 am
You are tasked with writing a short tale 1,500 word limit about this pony.
Give us (judges: Myself, Angel, So Long Gay Bowser / Moonstone Dazzle and Nym) an idea of their hobbies, job, personality, etc.

Follow TOS
Play Nice
No more than 1,500 words
No mules to try and double your chances

Niyaru Delacroix

Anxious Kitten

16,950 Points
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Niyaru Delacroix

Anxious Kitten

16,950 Points
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Timid 100
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:31 am
Free to use word counter
PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:43 pm
Serena the Snake Charmer, they all called her. “They” being, well, pretty much everyone else on Everchange.

She was a big name and a sight to behold, and it was rumored she could talk to snakes – particularly her pet, the one she never left home without, Cypress. Unfortunately, that was all hullabaloo. But that wasn’t the only reason she was world famous; she also happened to be one of the most beautiful ponies in all the land. Or so, some would say.

Sadly, Serena did not feel quite the same. As she gazed in the mirror on this lazy Sunday, her eyes drooped, her mane and tail a right mess. She couldn’t meet her own eyes as she looked herself over, eternally disappointed with what she came to see. She had thought, recently, that adding the gold to her mane and tail would brighten her up a bit, but all it did was make her look tacky. Although, the internet was buzzing with photos of her new hairdo – so she figured she’d keep it for now. It did add a bit of oomph – she just wasn’t sure if she wanted the attention.

Sure, the attention was nice. It was great to be beloved, and living life as a full-time socialite and inherently wealthy pony had many, many perks. But life didn’t feel fulfilling. Cypress, her most treasured companion, was the only thing that made life feel purposeful. Going to galas and getting your picture taken wasn’t the most uplifting, unless you were a pony who was into that sort of thing. Serena, however, was not. She loathed the photos, hated having to keep a smile plastered on her face, and downright despised the fact that she couldn’t stay home for more than a few days without tabloids chattering about her whereabouts.

But this is the life she’d built for herself. When she was a much younger, much prettier pony, it all felt new and shiny and special – but over the years it had taken its toll on her, all this attention. Serena didn’t see her situation changing any time soon. She thought, if only she could find someone who truly understood her – to stand by her and weather the storm with her – she would be much happier. But with the pedestal other ponies placed her on – due to her fame, and truly nothing else – it was rather difficult to date. Everyone seemed to have other “intentions” whether it be making a name for themselves or otherwise – they never quite just wanted Serena for Serena.

The pale rose pony sighed at her reflection and turned around, falling over onto the soft cloud of her bed. She really did used to enjoy herself, but it was all fake now. Who knew what would make it better, but Serena couldn’t envision a normal future for herself. Rolling over, she stared at Cypress’ open aquarium across the room – he was sleeping gently beneath a large rock, away from the heat lamp for once. It was open, which might be strange for ponies who feared snakes, but Cypress was her best friend – he could come and go as he pleased. She was always ardent about that.

With another heavy sigh, she pulled her limbs in close to her body and buried her face into her pillow. It was still early in the afternoon, but she willed it all away. Maybe if sleep came she could get away from the pressures of the world. Just this once.

WC: 581 <3


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:04 pm
Her name as a foal was Hydrangea, for her representation of the flower. Her skin was the pretty blue, adorned with the milky golden color of the pollen, which duplicated with her hair. But Hydrangea was not always happy with her place with her family. They were always planting flowers. And taking care of them. Hydrangea Flower was felt like an outsider.

Then approached her adolescence. Hydrangea wanted to leave home, and create her own identity. She was always fascinated with snakes, and at this point in her life, she found a baby one. She called him Slither Slide, and she became his adoptive mother. Hydrangea went all out and dyed herself to match her son's colorations, representing a snake. However, she left her hair its natural coloration, making a bouquet of hydrangeas to carry with her as well.

Soon enough, the two made it to a new town, and Hydrangea when asked her name, responded with Snake, keeping her family name. She was now Snake Flower, and she was happy. Happy with herself, and happy with her life. She is now taming snakes, raising them, training them. Just like how her family was doing with flowers. Every now and then, Snake would send a letter home to let them know how her life is doing, but now, she is busy with her own life. Making a name for herself.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:44 am
Years ago, a young pony by the name of Eva Evangeline served as a member of the Alicorn of Deception's council. Observant and calculating, Evangeline rose in rank until they had become the right hand of the Alicorn they served.

The Alicorn used them to their full potential, planting them in other courts and councils to “stir the pot”, if you will. they carried out their purpose flawlessly, sowing chaos in the ranks of whichever town or court they had been placed in.

Until, that is, they met another Alicorn. This one was so much different than their Lord. They were kind and soft spoken and saw through to Evangeline's heart. They told them stories of others they reminded them of, all ending tragically. Most at the hands of their Lord.

Outraged, they defended their Lord viciously. They claimed the other Alicorn was jealous and sought the same following as he had. It was the first and only time the young pony had abandoned their post without fulfilling their duty.

When they returned to their court, their Lord had been waiting. He simply smiled at them when they relayed the information they'd gathered, though when they admitted to being outed, his small smile faltered. He told their a present waited for their in their chambers and took his leave. Confused, Evangeline made their way to their room. Sure enough, inside there was a rather large box atop the bed, adorned in a silken gold bow.

They approached and opened it with caution. A low hiss had been their only warning before a thick, scaled body latheyd out. Pain exploded in their shoulder, crackling through their nerves like white hot lightning. Scales against their arm, cold and hard, caught their attention for the briefest of moments before they were staring into the narrowed eyes of the large snake coiling its tail about their arm.

Its jaw fell open, curved fangs catching the din amber glow of the candles flickering behind them. It struck again and they quickly turned their head to avoid those fangs burying into their cheek. Another thump and fresh wave of searing flames scattered along their arm. Tears welled in their eyes, blurring vision that had already begun to fade. Distantly, as they crumbled to the cool tile at their hooves, they felt the snake tighten around their, slithering up until it draped over their shoulders. The last thing they remembered before everything went black was once again staring into the eyes of the animal tasked with their death.

They woke to artificial light, angry hissing and a weight on their chest that made it difficult to take in a deep breath. Their eyes fluttered and there was an explosion of movement around them. Voices they didn't know began calling orders, the sound of footsteps thundered around their. All the while, the hissing grew in volume and the weight on their chest seemed to curl into a tight ball. When they were finally able to open their eyes, a feat that required entirely too much effort in their opinion, they were once more met by the eyes of a snake.

their entire body froze, eyes wide as they stared into the pale blue orbs that matched their own. their brows furrowed as they looked closer at the reptile curled atop their body. The colours matched their own, the creature's eyes mirrored theirs. It had tried to kill them, yet there it was, guarding their from the strange ponies now surrounding them. Once again, they simply froze.

The creature had tried to kill their. It had been a present from their Lord. [ITtheir Lord had tried to kill them.

they hadn't been able to hold back the frustrated scream that ripped from their lungs, nor had they had better luck keeping their tears at bay. The snake had calmed, and surprisingly to everyone around, began coiling loosely about their neck. Its head rested under their chin as they sat up and demanded through angry hiccups that they be told how they ended up here and where “here” was.

They listened quietly as these strangers informed them they were in Everville, at something called a hospital. Their lips twisted into a frown when they was told they had been here for two years. They'd been in a coma when the staff had found their outside on the sidewalk in the wee hours of dawn. They only grew more confused when they continued by saying the snake had been with them with the entire time.

The next three days, the hospital staff ran various tests on them in order to ensure their health. They spoke with them of their life before, fascinated when they told them of the lack of modernization they were so used to. One pony nearly fainted when they told them the only electricity they were used to was lightning. The staff helped them to come up with a name for the snake that refused to leave their side; Hecate. When asked why, the doctor that suggested it simply shrugged and responded “It seems to fit.”

When asked for their own information, however, Evangeline faltered. They didn't want to carry on as the person they were before. Not when they had so obviously been left for dead. They thought it best to let Evangeline die as had been intended. Perhaps a new start was all they needed.

Before being released, they filled out all paperwork they were presented with. A new identity flowing smoothly onto the pages. When they set back into the town, it was a bit overwhelming. So they kept to themselves, speaking in whispers to Hecate as they walked the streets.

They bumped into a rather nice pony at a crosswalk, one that immediately sparked a small conversation before she held her hoof out and introduced herself, eyeing the snake about their shoulders warily.

“Pleasure to meet you,” they began with a smile, “I am Ambrose.”  


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:14 am
Pashminna is a bright, caring, and sometimes, simple pony; though some may call them a bit eccentric. Though they wouldn’t really call themselves weird or eccentric really, they do believe that they had a certain special flare about themselves that most would find odd. Their choice of clothing and hairstyle was just one example of this, certain “flare” of theirs; often decorating themselves with flowers or large baubles, to dying their hair a different bright color or two every week. Another one of their “eccentricities” is, despite being born a mare, Pashy doesn’t see themselves as one specific gender over the other. In fact, they don’t mind being called “she”, “he”, “they/them”… or even “it”; whatever the other was comfortable calling them as, they didn’t mind one way over the other.

Whether masculine, feminine, or other, there is always one thing that Pashy always is… passionate. So much so, that Passion has become one of their nicknames; and it suits them like a “T”. Whether it was hanging out with friends, making time for family, doing their duties for work, or even participating in their hobbies; they always put their all into it, and enjoys every minute of it. Hobbies such as playing hockey, bird watching, and knitting are their favorites; but Pashy is very willing to try a new activity at least once. That same fiery enthusiasm tends to give them a pretty stubborn side, on more than one occasion not knowing when to give up or stop and often wearing themselves out to the point of exhaustion. To some, it might be an annoying or a worrying trait of theirs, but to them, they just view it as working hard to achieve the goals and things they want or need to get done.

This same stubborn streak is what lead Pashy to get their very best friend that they have now, as well as the job of their dreams. Besides their hobbies, the other thing they’re extremely passionate about is animals; going far out of their way to provide for them and make sure that they’re safe and happy. So one day, while on their way to market, they spotted an odd egg just sitting in the grass; not even in a nest of any sorts, and the area around it seemed disheveled or destroyed. They figured that some sort of predator must have either lost its meal somehow, or got too greedy and couldn’t carry all the eggs it took, but somehow this lone egg got left behind. They didn’t have the heart to leave it there, so they carefully scooped the thing up and quickly brought it home; placing it on some hay and under something warm. They waited patiently, checking on the egg diligently while it incubated; making sure the lamp wasn’t too hot or cold, being careful the egg didn’t shift too much or anything of the sort. They weren’t even sure what kind of animal the egg would hatch into, it surely wasn’t one they’ve seen before; but they still researched everything they could. Pashy waited for days until the momentous occasion happened and the baby finally started to break free from its shelled “prison”. Besides peeling away a few bits of shell here and there when the baby, clearly a reptile of some sort when the nose finally broke through, seemed to struggle, they practically didn’t interfere too much. The minute the head finally popped out of the egg, they thought the infant was a Serapent; that opinion quickly changed as more of the body slithered out from the shell. Where were the wings? Pashminna was generally confused and checked her research. Was the baby a mutant? If so, there goes releasing it back to the wild… or even letting it escape if they weren’t the pony that the creature picked; there was no way it would survive without its wings. That was when they decided to keep the infant, what they’ll later find out was just an ordinary snake. Pashy did even more research, went through great lengths to either catch or purchase food for the baby, and that went smoothly for the most part besides the odd looks they got from the vendors they were buying the food from. The real struggle was whenever the snake got sick, many times the small thing getting so weak to the point of death. No matter what, Passion never gave up on the snake, and perhaps sensing this coming from them, the little creature picked up on it and would persevere and make it through in the end. There were quite a few scares like this during the young “serapents” life, but with a lot of time, the reptile finally grew large enough and strong enough… almost ridiculously large for a serapent. Hitting the library again, curious as to why the reptile had grown so big over the years, that’s when they found out what it truly was. They felt bad. If they had found out sooner, they would have released the snake back to the wild much earlier. By this point though, the two have gotten kind of close, they even named the snake Reginald; besides, the snake had become too dependent on them for food, now there really was no logical way it would make it if she did let it go. From then on out, Reginald was with Pashy no matter where they go. Another thing to add to their eccentricities, a snake wrapped around their body while they walked to work… selling exotic pets to other ponies who want to be just as “eccentric” as they are; of course, they also had a variety of more common pets for those who want something a little more conventional too. No matter the pet though, they make sure to provide the correct information to the new owner so they could care and nurture their new companion properly in order they could have a long, enduring friendship like Reginald and themselves have.  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:58 am
Nagini loved her snake friends but she loved fashion more. Nagini is one pony who will never miss a fashion event. Her hobbies are shopping and reading about the next fashion sensation. One day nagini heard about a fashion sale going on at a top name designer store and she had to go. When she left home she thought she could beat other pony's there but when she arrived it was packed. The door opened and every pony rushed in. Ponies start grabbing and fighting over clothing. Then Nagini seen this faux snake skin jacket that she been eyeing. She rushed over to grab it and when she grabbed it another pony also grabbed it. Nagini looked at this pony and gave her the stink eye "This is mine and I will not let go." The other pony looked at her and laughed. Then she started tugging. Ohhh Nagini was not happy. Why would this pony pull and tug on this beautiful jacket. She started to get mad. Her Familiar Victoria seen what was happening and decided to help out her friend. Victoria wasn't sure if this was going to work but she slithered over to the other pony and wrapped her self around the pony. The other pony let go of the jacket sending Nagini flying and was scream to get the snake off. Victoria slithered off of the pony and went back to Nagini. Nagini laughed at the pony and said " How are you going to want this jacket and cant even handle the real thing." Nagini and Victoria walked to the front check out laughing at the pony.  

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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 12:46 am
Sidewinder worked quietly at her tattoo parlor her serpent companion Inkwell contently wrapped around her. You'd never be able to tell with inkwell around but Sidewinder had a hard time talking to other ponies on her own. Inkwell was a sort of therapy companion. He helped her because she felt comfortable with his weight around her body, he made her less anxious and able to focus around ponies. Sidewinder had no trouble around animals but was extremely shy around ponies without a buffer.

Carefully examining her work on the pony's sleeve she gave a nod of her own approval. "Ok you're all done," she said tapping the chair arm. Sidewinder watched as her customer examined her work. While they were doing that Sidewinder put her needle and other tools down carefully and readied them for cleaning. Sidewinder smiled at her client once her work was met with the clients final approval.

"Make sure you follow the care steps." Sidewinder gave the pony a care leaflet "If you have any concerns my phone number is on the bottom." Sidewinder brought the client up to the desk and took her payment and bid the other pony farewell. Once the client was gone Sidewinder took a deep breath and pet inkwell to steady her nerves and the tightness in her chest. The snake tightened a bit and she calmed a little. He always seemed to know as his forked tongue kissed her cheek. She was thankful she didn't have another client today. Once she cleaned up it was definitely going to be time to get a drink.

"Thanks Inkwell, I don't know how I'd ever get on without you." she smiled cheerfully at the snake nuzzling it back. It really had been a long day, Sidewinder sighed as she finished putting away her tools and cleaned up her workstation. Once her cleaning was finished she closed up shop flipping the sign on the door that said open to closed. Locking the door Sidewinder headed to her favorite cafe. She'd gone to this cafe for years and it was comfortable, safe she had her favorite drink she always got and they always made it just right. Sidewinder smiled at the snake "Let's go get some coffee bud," she said opening the door to the cafe. The small bell on the door rang signaling her arrival. Sidewinder made her way to the counter with the register and as usual she greeted the barista that usually was there.

"Hey, Sweet Treats..." Sidewinder began.

"Sorry! Just a moment," came a very different and very unexpected from behind the counter. "Sweet Treats caught a cold so I'm covering her shift." the barista smiled sweetly as she explained.

Sidewinder froze and then began to panic she immediately wanted to Duck and hide as soon as she realized her legs could move. If not for Inkwell constricting a bit Sidewinder would have fled under the nearest table. Oh gods it was HER, the Barista of Sidewinder's Dreams. She was gorgeous, and sweet and Sidewinder had hardly ever talked to her. Ok, like she never actually talked to the barista. Sidewinder had only just watched her from a distance when the barista was around. Yeah OK; that's a bit creepy and um stalking but y'know how could Sidewinder possibly talk to HER? Sidewinder hadn't ever been able to say two words to the other mare. Sidewinder's face was begging to flush. Sidewinder had always wanted to talk to her, and this was her chance, she didn't have a lot of confidence in herself when it came to things like this.

"What can I get you?" The barista asked.

Something, something, say something! Come on Sidewinder she mentally berated herself. Your Dream girl was staring at you like you're crazy! "I uh, a um, art topped um coffee drink." Sidewinder failed.

The barista laughed lightly "We have a few of those, were you referring to the cappuccino?"

"Y..Yes!" she blurted god she sounded like a complete idiot.

"Just a moment, That'll be 3 bits." said the barista as she began to make the drink.

Sidewinder nodded a bit slowly somewhat gawking at the barista, God they were so gorgeous. Sidewinder went for her bit satchel while still staring at the barista and clumsily got the three bits and placed them on the counter.

"Here you are." the barista smiled.

Sidewinder managed to take the drink and go sit in her usual corner with a good view of the counter and the barista. Sidewinder placed her head on the table."She's never gonna talk to me again Inkwell." she lamented to her noodle companion. Inkwell adjusted himself on Sidewinder's shoulders and nuzzled her cheek with both affection and support. He waited for her to raise her head before he slithered in front of her face and gave her a nod. "You think I can do it?" she asked the noodle. Inkwell nodded in his snaky way. Inkwell seemed to have confidence in her! he always seemed to she gently squeezed her support noodle. Yeah! you know maybe she could finally ask out the Barista. "Don't leave my side." she said to the snek taking a deep breath getting up from her table then heading back to the counter.

"Was there something wrong with your drink?" the gorgeous barista asked.

"N.No, I had s..something to ask you." Inkwell shook her head "P..Please will you um," Sidewinder paused, Inkwell nudged her gently in support "will go out with me?" not great but at least she said it! and she unfortunately drew the eye of a few other customers, oh she was embarrassed. For some reason at the same time Sidewinder felt a little better.

The barista looked at her surprised for a moment and then laughed making Sidewinder blush.

"You're cute." the barista answered "But I'm not really looking for someone right now." she said before going back to work

"Oh, I see..." Sidewinder was crushed but Inkwell was there to lessen the blow. The snake felt her face with his tongue giving her kisses. At least Inkwell would always be here for her at least. Sidewinder was thankful for that, she'd never have gotten anywhere without the snake. Sidewinder made her way back to her table. And She could always try again! The barista had said not now but that didn't mean not ever. so there was still hope, she just had to try again! Another day.

Inkwell snuggled against Sidewinder and nodded his small noodle head.

Next time.

[Word count - 1084]  
PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 7:41 am
Belinda Tanith certainly lives up to her name sake with her markings and partner Lord Hissington. While she helps run a pet story with a friend her primary is that of a counselor for troubled youth. Her appearance tends to shock many as does her open and cheerful attitude. That doesn’t bother Beli at all. She has found that trouble youth tend to react to her unusual appearance very well and the fact she is so open helps parents understand that even if their child is a bit strange they can live happy and fulfilled lives. The youngest foals she has helped often love the fact her snake is named Lord Hissington and she will use that to help them relax and overcome the fear of having to talk to a stranger about scary issues. Often times she has the youth help out at the pet shop to build character and even earn a little money for themselves, but it teaches them to care and look after another life and the value of it. She also is a bit of a gamer and hacker in her free time so she is very up to date with technology out there. She loves to tease and flirt with others but she rarely dates and takes actual relationships very seriously.

Those others who seem to live for drama or have too much of it in their lives she will sympathetic to a point but if someone is just whining to whine or just being a narcissistic fool she will call them out on it. There is only so much one can do if the one in trouble doesn’t want to help themselves and won’t look for help or even think about getting help. When riled even whirlwinds fall short of the temper of this pony. If her friends are hurt emotionally she will strive to make the one who harmed them suffer. She has been known to hack lighting features in homes to have lights go on and off and inconvenient hours, order mass amounts of pizzas, embarrassing song grams or their home or place of work to the point where everyone around that pony is uncomfortable and of course she will lecture them and give them a piece of her mind. Thankfully she has not had to do this often so most have only seen her happy and cheery side. What would happen if someone actually physically hurt her friends well lets just say she kept a lot of her old connections even if they don’t stop by every day. When she was a foal she used to be a full time hacker and just wanted to watch the world burn. She grew out of that phase with a little help from a cop who actually arrested her and rather than punishing her had her help around the station with updating the station firewalls and stream line their files. From there she started to talk to others who had hard lives growing up and that lead her to her passion of being a counselor. Her deep love of animals lead her to helping run a pet shop with a friend she made form back in the day when she wore darker colors and way too much eyeliner. She laughs looking back at how she was and is much happier with herself now that she can actually be herself and do what she loves.  


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PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 4:27 pm
Closed no more posts  
PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 10:39 am
Apologies on the wait but a winner has been decided!
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Congratulations! Tigeria is the colorist biggrin  

Niyaru Delacroix

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