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Lava and Water ~ [Closed]

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Lady Angel Heart

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:37 am
User Image
User Image

Both Ponies - Colored by Valdmir Talamore | Earth Pony

Judges: Lady Angel Heart, Niyaru Delacroix, Valdmir Talamore

Start Time: Monday April 15th 1pm EST
End Time: Wednesday April 17th 1pm EST

Some ponies say opposites attract.
This is especially true for these two ponies who couldn't be more different.
This dynamic duo has been together for as long as they can remember.
The only thing they cant remember is how they met.
Maybe you can help them out?

  • Anyone May Enter Including Staff. Vald and Judges may not.

  • Do not use a mule to cheat If we discover you're using a mule we will have to take further action.
    This does not apply to people who need to use mule accounts to access the guild

  • Be a good sport. Don't whine if you don't win and don't guilt-trip winners.

  • Any entries posted after the closing time will not be judged.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:58 am
How to Play:

Using the form below tell us how these two ponies met.
Its up to you to write their origin story! There is no word limit but pls no novels.
List your username, entry, and preferences between the two ponies.
Once the contest has come to a close we will choose two winners and rng for first pick.

[align=center][size=14][color=green][b]So Here's How It Happened[/b][/color][/size][/align]

[spoiler] [/spoiler]


Lady Angel Heart

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Belladonna Snow

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:01 pm
So Here's How It Happened

Username: Belladonna Snow
Preference lava , water.

Akamu was always working. He could never remembers day that he has every played. Since he was a kid his father all way told him that life was nothing but work. He used to dream when he was a child that one day he could just have fun, but his other crushed that dream out of his head. Akamu worked on his father farm of coconut trees and pineapples. So there was always work to do and never time for horse playing.
Akela had no care in the world. She had no responsibility or any chores. Her parents gave her everything she wanted. So why would she every need to do anything. She didnt really respect other and thought everything should go her way.

It was time for the farmers market. While Akamu got ready by packing stuff up to sell at the market. Akela slept in till her mother woke her up to go the market with them. When they bother arrived they had different opinions. Akela was thrilled to be there because it just another day of shopping, but Akamu hated it. He had to watch other pony walking around with no care in the world not having to work. While is sat behind the stand selling coconut and pineapples.
Akela ran up to a flower stand and smelled all of the flower. Then she started to feel a tickle in her noise and she sneezed. Flower petals flew everywhere and it was so beautiful that she started spinning around elegantly and flowed them. She was laughing and giggling. Then before she could hear anyone scream stop she fell into a stand and destroyed it. Akamu was furious " How could you be so careless that you would not pay attention. Do you not understand how much hard work I put into this." He looked over and seen some pineapples ruin. Akela looked at him in fear. She didnt know what to say. No one have ever yelled at her like this. Akamu started to pick stuff up " So your just going to sit there and do nothing. I forgot you dont ever have to do anything. Akela started to cry " I am very sorry I will help." Before she help Akamu father came over and asked what was going on and why was this pony crying. Akamu explained to his father what happen and then Akela parents came over apologizing and say they would pay for everything. Akela stopped her parents " No, I dont want you to pay for my mistake." She walked over to Akamu father " Sir I apologize for what I have done here. I have no money and I dont want my parents to pay for my mistakes. Is there anything I can do?" Akamu looked at her and noticed how beautiful she was. He never noticed till he calm down. It still didnt matter to him because she was careless and he didnt have time for it. Then his he heard his father tell her she can work on the farm for a month. Akamu yelled " She will just ruin everything like she did here. You can tell she only care for her looks and not work." Akamu father looked him and told him to be quiet. Akamu stayed quiet. Akela agreed ti work on the farm and that she will be there every morning.

Akela was later she came in running and with out paying attention ran into Akamu. Akamu looked at her with a frown " you're going to have to pick up double time for being late. Follow me and I'll show you around." Akela looked around and noticed his father was not with them. She got scared because she knew Akamu did not like her. " Um Akamu , will your father be joining us?" Akamu didint even look at her " No he will not be join us. I will be showing you what to do for the remaining time you are here." Akela became quite. Akamu showed her everything that need to be done and she was surprised that there was so much work. " Do we every get a break?" She said quietly. Akamu looked her " No, there is not time to play.

As the two weeks passed Akela was tired and bored. She couldn't take it any more. She sat down and tears started to form in her eyes. Akamu heard her crying and ran over to see if she was ok. When he arrived he couldn't help but to think she was so beautiful even when she was crying. " Are you ok?" Akamu looked at her to see if he could find anything wrong. And ye didnt see anything. " I am just so tired and I dont know how you could do this no break just work." She started to cry more. Akamu didnt like to see her cry. Then he came up with with a idea. " Follow me." Akela follow Akamu. When they arrived Akela mouth dropped. It was a beautiful lake with wild flower and willow trees surrounding it. Akela looked at him " Where are we?" He looked straight at the lake " Before my mother passed she used to bring me here as a foal, but when she died I never came back here. So I've just been working nonstop." Akela look at him and she started to get a feeling in her chest. It wasn't sadness but love." The sun shined on his face to show his beautiful eye and her heart started racing. Then he looked at her. They had a moment where they looked at each other and they seem like they where getting closer. Then all of a sudden Akamu moved away " Do you feel better now?" Right before he could finish telling her they need to go back she was already swimming. He walked over to her and his heart started racing seeing how beautiful she was with the light reflecting off the water on to her. She looked at him and gave a big smile " come on in or do not know how to have fun." When Akela said that she splashed some water at him. He didnt know what he was doing but he heart was controlling his legs. He was in the water. Hours pasted and they ended up laying with each other under a willow tree surrounded by wildflowers sleeping. Then night feel and Akamu eye opened. He jumped up because the whole day passed and the work was not done. He woke Akela and they ran back to the farm. Akamu was so scared that his father was going to angry with them but when he got there his father was not mad.

Last day came. Between now and the first visit to the lake. They been there mutable times and started to become very close. They where at the lake and they where laying with each other under the will tree. Akela laid her head on Akamu shoulder " I love being here with you. I dont want to leave." Akamu kissed her cheek " I have to work. I cant just drop everything." Akela became upset because after all the time they spent together. She ran off in anger because they still would see eye to eye. Akamu was working the next day and his father came over to him. He father asked where Akela was. Akamu looked at him confused " What do you mean? Yesterday was her last day.". His father kicked the tree and the coconuts fell down on the ground. Then he said " Well it looked like you guys where close. What happened? Akamu told his father everything hes father looked at him. " Son I know I've been making you work your whole life but you have your mother spirit. Do what make you happy." At that moment Akamu heart started racing to run out the farm to try to run to Akela house but she was outside the gate of the farm. He ran out and kissed her "Let run away together." Akela was so happy to hear thought word. " I love you." She kissed him they where off. To live the life they where ment to be with stability and freedom.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:29 pm
So Here's How It Happened

Username: Reaokee
Preference water, lava

In truth it was by chance. Droplet was new to the neighborhood having moved. They didn’t know anyone and were forlorn having left all their friends behind in their old town. They had been sulking for much of the day and the sunset sky was painting a nice enough scene when there was a tap at their side. Looking up Droplet saw a ball and another foal. The ball next to them and the other foal looking at them with unspoken request. They didn’t know it yet but this foal would be their best friend. Nudging back the ball the other started to leave but turned back and then called out asking Droplet to join them in a game. Droplet had declined and the other foal left. A short time later while Droplet was still immersed in self pity they heard a call out and there was the flame colored pony with two lemonades. Sitting down next to them the other didn’t say anything but offered them a lemonade and gave them a smile. After chatting to Droplet about a game that Droplet had missed the other nudged Droplet and said next time they should join in. Curious the next day Droplet came and watched. It took a few days before Droplet joined in. Since finding the flame colored pony Droplet found a reason to smile and hasn’t really stopped since then.



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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:41 am
So Here's How It Happened

Username: Nymphiea
Preference Lava, re-roll (I only have a muse for lava bean, but the water kiddo is v lovely too)

tab "Magic is an abomination. We are higher than that."

tab His mother was a cold woman. Her disregard for his basic emotional needs were a normalcy within the household. He didn't think twice about it, really. He just thought that was how families were. His mother wanted him to excel in his studies and his father wanted him to be quiet. So he was both an intelligent and quiet child. A child who knew how to read a chapter book as a tiny babe and also knew to keep his tongue still.

tab What he didn't know, however, was why his parents shunned magic as they did. After all, their world was built on magic. But they shunned that, too. To them, their was a different reason the world behaved as it did. He never asked why. He was a smart child, and smart children knew better then to enrage this distant and cold parents.

tab As a teenager he had spent most of his time pining for a neighborhood boy. He had kept it under wraps for long enough, as he knew that was forbidden. His parents didn't care about what other kids did, but what their son did? That they cared about. Another boy meant, should they have kids, it would need to be done so magically. Never mind the fact he was a teenager and not thinking about kids, the very 'what if' of it all was what distraught them. The 'what if' was enough.

tab So he hid it. Or he tried to, until they discovered a letter he had intended to give the boy. Instantly he was whisked up and slapped right into an arranged marriage. Teenager? Didn't matter. Logic or sense didn't matter to his parents.

tab And that was when he met her -- a lovely blue pony who had a smile like the sun. She was warmth and kindness all wrapped in one. Their first meeting was an awkward one. He felt his heart hammer with nerves as he couldn't meet her eyes. He didn't want to marry her, no, but he wanted to talk to her. Wanted to get to know her. He feared doing so would delight his parents. But that was all he had done his entire life. Why stop?

tab "Don't worry. I'll get us out of this." That was the first sentence she had spoke. His head snapped up to meet her gaze, and for the first time in years he smiled.

tab And she kept her promise. On the day of their wedding she smiled as a carriage pulled up around the back of the building. "We'll be free," she sighed towards him. He had never discovered her story -- they didn't enjoy discussing their own tragedies during their brief meetings. It was nicer to just enjoy the company of a sane pony. Both slid into the carriage.

tab Neither of them saw their families again.

tab Instead, they settled in Everville, renting an apartment together. Now best friends for life, the two decided to start their life side by side for the time. It was easier to face the new world not alone. She focused on her own pursuits, while he tentatively began to study his own. Maybe he'll meet a nice boy sometime soon. He's still scared to try dating, but without his parents gaze he feels like it might be possible this time. If he ever could get over his nerves!

tab After all, there is a pretty boy in the neighborhood...
PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:02 pm
So Here's How It Happened

Username: houllow
Preference lava, water

Maybe they were born together? That was often a thought that the pair shared in their quieter moments, when the laughter stopped or the yelling had dulled to a rumble. It was like neither of them could recall anything before anyway, so why not follow that? Being together was as natural as breathing, if only because they hadn't really tried to go at it apart - not out of fear of course, but why would they?

The truth was always far less glamorous than speculation - their meeting happened to be one out of millions that happened on that single day - but was enough. One of them recalled being able to taste color for a week after that fight, the other swore up and down they could smell music for a month. Whether it was true or not they both wore casts for months, bandages for longer, and a spite that only tempered with time as such things often do.

Who had even said the errant word that lead to a brawl which left behind both literal and figurative scars? Asking now will only result in pointed hooves, angry breaths, and laughter that leads to teasing and questions. One of them had to learn to style hair to cover bald spots that never quite grew back in perfectly, the other got exceptionally good at learning how to duck.

So maybe it was better to not recall the hurt and tears that had come with the first introduction, considering it was a moment they'd both sworn to forget.


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:34 am
So Here's How It Happened

Username: SwordOfTheDarkOnes
Preference Water, Lava

They were always on opposite sides of this wall. The Family of Magmus vs The Clan of Pool. The two weren't suppose to become friends, but they did. Young Lavation, or Lavi, had watched the wall for as long as he could remember. Then one day he saw a hole in the most remote section of the wall. A section hidden away by the gardens left to grow wild in the back. As he explored back there one day he saw a rather odd sight....this tiny blue foal. Smaller than him. Curious he went up to them and scared the poor thing half to death!!! Once the intial scare was over, the two were wary to introduce themselves simply going by the names of Heat and Cool. Lavi wasn't in the mood to tell somepony his name just yet.

As the years rolled on, the two came to a friendship of sorts. Lavi had quickly grown used to Cool's energy and adventurous spirit. He wasn't the overly energetic sort preferring to read a good book rather than run through a field. Cool was a small stallion even as Lavi found they were nearing adulthood. Lavi, a natural protector sort, found that he started to get more and more protective over his...well, friend. On the eve of a family party which was to announce a union between the Magmus and Pool's. A effort to lay the feud to rest. Lavi watched as Cool...broke down. Telling him that he was going to be married off and he had no say. Lavi couldn't help but to put all the pieces together. Cool was the Pool that was going to be apart of his family. With a blink, Lavi made Cool a promise to protect him within the Magmus estate.

Lavi later went to his parents. Told them outright that he wanted to be the Magmus apart of the union. His parents were shocked, they had forced one of Lavi's sisters to take part. She was more than happy to let her brother take her spot. It was a simple talk and then the night of the party arrived...

The wall was irritating, Rain decided. He was a small foal. Most didn't realize he was there until he spoke up. As the tiny foal explored the wall. Trying to find a way around it, he found his entrance. A tiny opening hidden back in the wild part of the gardens. Excellent! He didn't care for the feud between his family, The Pool's and this...other family...The...uhm. He would have to remember them later. Once he was through, things were just as wild over here as they were on his side. The tiny foal didn't notice anything until he heard a voice. Thinking it was a forest witch, he flipped his lid! Seeing another foal however calmed him down. A quick blink and he remembered the other family, oh yeah...Magmus. He blinked again. Introducing himself as Cool.

The nickname was honestly just to be a little punk. He didn't want to spill his soul just yet to this other foal. Rain had fallen instantly for the aloof way the other foal introduced themselves as Heat. Over the next several years, Rain found himself falling more and more for the bigger stallion. Heat was more serious than he was, more stoic in dealing with people. Rain found it difficult to keep his lips sealed about his crush, even harder to keep quiet about his secret friend. He enjoyed hearing about the new book that Heat was reading or the new weapon training he was undergoing. Soon he was told that he was going to be offered up in a attempt at a peace treaty. Why?!? He barely paid attention to anything his parents said. He nodded his head in consent because he knew arguing was out of the question. As he met up with Heat...he broke down. Once he calmed, he felt Heat near him and heard the best thing ever. Heat promised he'd protect him in the Magmus Estate.

Soon, the night of the party was upon him...

As the two entered the party hall Rain was shocked there stood Heat. Once the two were formally introduced. Well...lets just say that Peace was certain.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:01 pm
Luck of the draw! We didn't even need to RNG for first picks.
Thank you everyone who told us a lovely story.
We Have Our Winners! Congratulations to Nym and Sword :p

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