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Timid Trickster

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:43 pm
User Image
"Late, of all things," Honky muttered frantically under her breath, "Late, late, late, late!"

Honky Dory wasn't ever the type of pony to be late for anything, especially not such a big event. Yet here she was, galloping along with her bag of props, a good few minutes later than she'd originally planned. Sure, to some it wouldn't seem like much, but Honky was a stickler for keeping her schedule. Just in the distance, she could make out her destination- a small stage in the midst of a clearing.

She'd slowed her pace to a canter as she came upon the groups of carnival-goers, not wanting to spook the little ones as she weaved her way through the crowds. Panic forgotten, she counted up the excited fillies and colts. A few of them paused to stare or pointed, causing her to stop every now and then to flash them a goofy grin. Honky couldn't not entertain them, of course!

Finally making it to the clearing, she could see Mute had already started with her own show. Honky pulled out her horn and gave it a squeeze to signify her arrival.

"Oh, Mutie~" she singsonged, trotting toward the pink-maned mare. "Mute, how could you start without me? I'm hurt." Honky puffed out her lower lip and dropped her ears in mock sadness.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:29 pm
The blue pony took off which was fine, though another arrived. She was about to reply that the price was fine by her as she rather enjoyed the quality of the good and was going to finding her sister and tell her of the stall as she was certain Deli would like the stall. She was interrupted by the blue pony telling her to ‘get lost.’ Teal Tale looked at the other pony in silence for a moment before settling on a course of action. She was sorely tempted just to tell the other pony to take a long walk off a short pier but she wasn’t as mean hearted as this other pony clearly was acting. “Firstly there are no lines to read in an audible conversation. Second I came to this stall and asked for this seller’s opinion as to what would look cute on me as is normal in most festivals as many sellers can help guide to a product they believe will fit. She was being negative about her skill which I doubt as she seems more skilled then she let on, I am more so since with her last words she has said she made them. I have selected what I like for my reasons as you can see. So if there were lines to read maybe you should get the context.” She smiled setting down payment as was listed since she felt it was well worth it. Fixing it to her bangs she looked right at Shadowed. “Your work is exquisite just like how cute you are. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t qualified to give your opinion, even if you didn’t make them with something in mind I am sure the people who get them will be as happy to get them as I am.” She smiled. Her tone was just as it had been the whole conversation. There was firtly or hitting on tone it was all factual. She thought Shadowed was cute just as she would say the name of the town. “Good luck and have fun with the rest of the festival.” She smile was for Shadowed and disappeared as she faced the abrasive pony and walked past her as Shadowed had other things to do Teal wasn’t going to slow her down but she certainly wasn’t going to stay around the other one who was now here. She would have been fine with the other had there been an apology for misjudging her but she doubted that would happen and she wasn’t going to push it and start a fight which would bring down the festival. Now with her butterfly face pain and flower barrette she headed toward her sister’s stall to see how her sister was doing but stopped part way and decided to head to the fruit stall first. Deli would know she was bothered by something even if it was that there was an adorable skilled pony who didn’t know how amazing her skill really was. Heading out she started to think of sour fruits to try and settle her mood. Mango might have some suggestions.

bring forth the sour to help with a bothered pony?

I adore the eye roll of your pony <3



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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:32 pm

"I'll show you," promised Plimiah. "My gear hasn't arrived yet but I will show you when I get set up."

Plimiah sipped her juice (now down to dregs) and looked at what Sonnet was showing her. "Odd you mention desert flowers, I met a desert pony lately who basically lived there for years. You didn't get it from him, did you?"

"Not too bad," she replied. "Hit all the towns from the Winter Carnival to here. Met up with a few artists to have my puppets refurbished and got the new dragon one from an enchanter. I'm looking forward to summer and being able to sleep under the stars." She played with the straw in her cup.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:12 pm
Oh goodness. Having been chided by her older brother, Cherry Limeade, for attempting to hoard all the blueberries - both her favorite fruit, and her favorite color - Mango Lemonade had trotted back home to gather up the blueberries for sale at the cart. On her way back, the area had started to get busy, making her whimper and cower down slightly as she ducked between ponies.

"E-Excuse me, p-pardon m-me," she squeaked softly as she stumbled through, bumping into a rump or two on the way. Most ponies did not notice her, thank goodness, but as she approached the area where her brother had aimed to set up the cart, it was far more crowded than she would have liked. There were too many ponies! And oh so much blue....

Magenta eyes scanned the ponies from beneath her bangs. She knew most, if not all of them. All friends of her brother. Sheepishly, she scampered up behind the stall, ducking her head so as to not be noticed, hopefully, but nearly ran into Glitch and Piper behind the stall. Squeaking as she skid to halt, she tilted her head so far forward, her nose was nearly in the dirt.

"Sorry!" she gasped, before placing the large bags of blueberries beside the two, leaving them for Cherry to find, before quickly skedaddling backwards to attempt to find some room and clearer air, so that perhaps she could regain herself before coming back to the cart. Hopefully when it was clear of ponies again.  




PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:34 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Summer Rain did not want to leave home, but there was such a commotion in Drizzletown that she could not refuse missing out on. Something about the Spring Carnival?

This would be her first year in attendance, and she did not know what to expect. Everywhere were ponies of all kinds, tents, games, food. This was not the Drizzletown that she remembered. Not at all.

She sighed and entered the crowd, trying to not overwhelm herself through the whole ordeal.

// i work about 14 hrs a day, so i might take a while to respond... //
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:07 pm
Razzle Dazzle about jumped a bit as a pony collided with the fruit stand a little harder then he normally would hit it with his flank. Was this pony looking for free fruit too? Maybe he really should start considering paying Cherry.
"Are you ok?" Razzle asked looking a little concerned. "Oh you know of me." Razzle's chest seemed to puff out of course this pony knew him everyone should. "The pleasure is mine to meet you Royal. Hope you snoot is ok?" He asked once more.

Razzle then looked to Starshine and smiled brightly. "A dancer?! Maybe you can dance while I sing some time make it a double act! It will be marvelous!!!"Razzle suggested eagerly. "Simply stop by my red and yellow bell covered wagon if you ever want to hash out an act together." He nodded his head before turning to look at Cherry.

"Since I'm going to have to starve! I will go mingle with some ponies who appreciate my company." Razzle pouted at Cherry but then laughed. After all other then the creepy smile he knew Cherry was his friend.

"Nice you meet you Glitch but for now I'm ditching this Popsicle stand have fun with the frozen fruit!!" Razzle teased as he headed away.

Razzle then saw the dragon fruit get bagged and smiled brightly. "Not frozen fruit then, warm gentle and kind fruit like I thought from the start!." Razzle smiled and put the bag down. "It may not be much but I'll pay with a song." Razzle Dazzle cleared his throat and then in a voice that cleared through the crowd. " Come one come all to the greatest stall of fruits that are most fantastic! From here from there come from everywhere are Cherry's fans they are most ecstatic! No where in the fair can any fruits compare! So come buy Cherry's fruit before their cart is bare!!!!" Well it seemed to catch some attention as a few ponies headed their way curious from the singing. "Thanks for the fruit Cherry!" Razzle scooped up his bag and trotted off.

As Razzle trotted across the area to head to his wagon to place his fruit away for later he passed by the stage and had to stop hearing another performer sing! Oh she was good and he planned to tell her so. When she was done singing and came from the stage Razzle moved to greet the fellow singer Azure. He threw his back of fruit on his back so he could speak. "Hello! You were wonderful on stage had to let you know, I'm one of the singers that goes on a little later tonight Razzle Dazzle! Its great to meet you, um sorry I didn't catch your intro or name.





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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:37 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Serene was happy to be of any help! "Yes! I'll be happy to get something for you! I'll be back in a bit!" She was sure that Miss Bullseye would be occupied by the pet rock stall for a bit. After all, Miss Bullseye had one of her own and had talked about getting her current pet rock a possible friend. Serene started to move in a different direction, looking at all of the stalls, and eventually spotting one with various drinks on it. She got two of each kind, two waters and two types of juice, put them in her cart and quickly hurried back to the poor Earth Pony at the rock stall.

Serene couldn't help but feel as though Miss Bullseye might constantly be thirsty, what with her fiery colors and all, so to be able to get her a drink of some sort allowed her to feel as though she was helping the poor fire pony.

"Here you are!" She said, in a bit of a sing-song voice. "I got a couple of waters and a lemonade and some sort of strawberry drink. Whatever you want!" Serene said with a nod. She would take the others, and if she could find her sibling she would offer the rest to them. She thought she had spotted some blue here and there, but wasn't able to tell.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:41 am
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"Sounds good! If you decide on anything specific just lemme know." Fizz says, then turns to the baskets, sorting through them and pulling out bits here and there. Sometimes finding a piece she likes better, and returning whichever one it replaces.

Finally satisfied with the decorations, Fizz turns toward the rocks. Carefully examining each one, looking for just the right shape and size for her idea.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:02 pm
User Image
Mute visually cringed at the crowd when Honky made her appearance, gaining the chuckle or two she'd hoped for as that pony came trotting across the stage.
She gave her a dramatic eyeroll and stared her down, frowning and gesturing to the crowd. It was almost if the words formed of their own accord with her gesturing and expression: "You're late, so I started without you. The show must go on!"
It was then she noticed the bag of goodies, and a shiver ran down her spine. The bag of props. She could recall clearly one instance where it had seemingly combust on the spot, and to say the idea of it being brought again making her wary was an understatement. Her eyes shifted from bag to pony, speaking with her eyes: "It's not going to blow up again, is it?"

Pharaoh Phobia
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:57 pm
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Cassiopeia’s father was dead set on barring his child from the activities of the festival. Now, you might think this to be cruel or dramatic, but he had very good reason to do this. After last years celebrations Cassi had received a bit of criticism for making a bit of a scene. Between the excessive flirting, flaunting of her money and beauty, and intoxication her father deemed it necessary to try and tie her down. For the sake of her family’s good name.

She managed to sneak out, though. Oh, what a sneaky manipulative thing she was. The girl happily strolled down the pathways lined completely with shops of all sorts. What a festive and exciting day to be out and about. Not to mention all the simple villagers that walked around in their simple accessories, living their simple lives. She trotted about, a sort of dainty hop in her step. She couldn’t help her eyes from wandering this way or that, and perhaps that was the reason the girl ran smack dab into a stranger. With a clamoring cry she tripped down onto the ground. Her poor knees all scuffed and filthy now.

“O-Oh dear.... oh my...”  


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Timid Trickster

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:26 pm
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Honky laughed at her sibling's worry, dropping the sad act and perking up.

"Trust me, it's not going to explode this time!" She reassured Mute matter-of-factly. The mare diverted her gaze back to the bag in question for just a moment as she muttered a quiet "..I hope." A few crowd-goers giggled at this, reminding Honky of her reason to be here. Her mouth split into a grin.

Shrugging off her bag, Honky eyed up her partner. She plopped it down next to her and began digging through it. All sorts of different sounds came from the bag as she rifled around, along with some items spilling out/being tossed out by Honky herself. A bat made of sponge here, a comically large fake sandwich there; It would really make your head spin from wondering how she got it all to fit.

"Got it!" she announced proudly as she pulled out a larger version of the horn she had earlier. She gave it a test squeeze and it let out a short Honk!

"Hey, Mutie, why'd the mime get kicked out of the library?" Honky asked as she turned to face her friend. Pause for effect...

"...Because actions speak louder than words!" Honk honk!

(she's corny and i love this duo)

(Also open for more interaction!)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:28 pm
User ImageOh this pony was very quick to help indeed even if Miss Bullseye felt quite a bit of concern for sending her to get something for her. Never would she even think that it would be right to impose upon another pony, but she was hired to help and as long as she hadn't seen her being overly awkward in looking at these beautiful rocks.... Her eyes watched the little blue one leave to help her carefully and looked nervously back over towards the rocks before swallowing and taking Gypsum back out. Slowly she held him out towards the rocks and kept looking from right to left to keep an eye on all the ponies around, careful to try and make it so it wasn't noticeable.

"Just take your time." She whispered to the little shining rock. Slowly she swept her hoof out over the stand and settled on a particularly dark looking rock that seemed to catch Gypsum's fancy. Very pretty. She would need to come back for that rock and hope that none grabbed it before she could go to her cart for extra bits. A thought passed that she could ask the seller to hold it for her, but that would be rude as well, since she was just some random pony to the rock's current owner. "We'll come back and get you a new friend here in a little bit."

She gave a slight bow of her head to the pony that owned the rock cart and glanced back at the rock before turning and nearly colliding with Serene. Both of her eyes went wide but gratefully there wasn't much to see with how her bangs covered them and she recovered by nodding her head dumbly. "That's so many... Oh I'm sorry for making you go get that many. Thank you very much!" Miss Bullseye couldn't keep her voice from still being quiet, even though she did try to raise it just a bit above a whisper as she offered a smile to the blue pony before her. "Seriously Serene, thank you so much."

Would it be rude to take two of them with how thirsty she was? She did tell her whatever it was she wanted but.. it felt selfish all the same. Hesitantly she picked up a water and then the strawberry drink with a smile and sat a few bits on top the cart to pay the other pony back, a blush covering her cheeks as she bowed numerous times and back tracked towards her wagon. She didn't want the other little mare to turn the bits down or yell at her for taking two like the selfish thing she felt in that moment. Once she was far enough away she scampered back to her wagon and breathed out with a bright smile as she guzzled the water down her dry throat. Bullseye had met another nice pony, she was going to have to try harder to make friends with these ponies that she usually shared the market with. So many years of following it and still she didn't have many close friends.

Maybe she could find her pen pal Royal while she was here....

I'm so sorry my fire child is such an awkward thing outside of performances. XD


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Floppy Sex Symbol

PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:01 pm
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Until I get a pretty banner

Prism slowly trots around her stall as she waits for ponies to come and investigate her wares. Her thoughts were going a mile a minute, worrying about something before just quickly relieving that thought with something positive. Most of her thoughts revolved around getting a glass figurine eventually, and then checking out that stall a little further from hers whenever she had the free time to move away from the stall. Hopefully Royal shows up soon.

The small pegasus makes one last check around the stall, especially being certain that no sand was being whisked away by the breeze, or funnels rolling off the tables... she remedied this by placing them upside down on their tops. When absolutely happy with how everything was set up, Prism returns to the front of the stall... only to find ponies walking by with no interest. She sighs, at least they see her products and can come by later!

That uplifting bubble is soon popped the moment she hears a sound of someone yelling not too far off, causing a curious tilt of her head. Slowly, she moves closer to where she heard the cry come from; swaying side to side as she tries to peer around the crowd. It didn't take too much longer to see what happened, gasping at the sight of the most terrible nightmare known of. Cassiopeia tumbled on the floor! Royal be darned, she quickly zips over towards the fallen mare; using strong wing flaps to push her faster... though not crazy like because she had to weave though the mass of other ponies. Reaching Cassi's side, she instantly drops to the ground and stretches a wing around her; almost as if sheltering her. "Oh my goodness Cassi! What happened?! Are you alright?"

Prisms here to save the daaaay! ♫
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:13 pm
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Excitement and happiness were probably radiating from her as she finally made it to Drizzletown for the spring carnival. Jiniya was so eager to try all of the different games, visit each booth and just experience it all to the max. She walked slowly through the crowd while looking at various performers. Her mind was racing from all of the colors, attractions and smells! She couldn't decide on what to do first. She looked around her in hopes of trying to find a friendly pony who could help her experience and enjoy the carnival. It was the first time she had ever been to this carnival after all.

"Excuse me but could someone help me?" She spoke rather loudly than normal but it came out a little soft even after she put forth the effort to yell. She scanned the immediate area around her to see if anyone even heard her.


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:09 pm
With a groan Sunset Haze's eyes darted at the hollering. Starshine was always surrounded by other ponies. Did they really have to go over there? They finished putting away some fabric before they headed over.

They immediately stopped when they heard an attempt of a tell. Starshine could wait. They approches a pink pony. "...Are you lost?" They hopes their disposition didnt scare the other.  
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