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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:37 pm

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Lady Elizabeth Jane Grey


Elizabeth knew there were only a handful of topics that delighted her father enough to talk about. Almost all of those things were involving his legacy in one instance or another. She could only guessed this was a result of his ambitious mind. And when asked about his business, the heiress found herself on the end of an elated man. He was like a child, bursting at the seams, to tell someone---anyone about the crazy little fantasies in his head. Lizzie could imagine why Ms. Thomas was so patient with the hijinks of her and her siblings over the years, despite her very old age. Father was so giddy in fact that while answering her simple question, his hand found Willam’s back with a smack of the hand. Lizzie thought she could’ve heard a loud thud. It made even her winched in pain a little, as William chimed into their familial conversation with a smile on his face. He was used to a lot of pain to be okay with that……. “I would say that the newest contract is rather one of great investments and It seems our invest will only grow larger from its devours..." Her brother only had time to add before their father took command of the discussion again.

Father steered onto the more important matter of today. But before that, the lord slipped his left hand inside of his tailored coat while his other hand still rested on his son’s back with fondness. Father began to reach for something in his pocket and not too long after that, he plucked two delicate objects from his garment. He sat them on the table in front of her, envelopes addressed to Bradgate House. He began to graciously explained that these were invitation for their family to attend a party. A party that was a few days away and he would like his oldest children to go on behalf of their entire family. It would be a nice opportunity to make people’s acquaintance and possibly for her to find potential suitors. Elizabeth looked at the invitations. Her parents announced to her this morning about suitors and now this. Her parents waited until the last moment to tell her. Her mother wanted to wait, in the girl's mind, to preserve the remaining childhood in their precious daughter. Lizzie couldn’t deny her worry, this was really quick. “I’m very excited to attend,” Elizabeth said, looking up at her father with a smile. “It’ll be my first outing without you or mother. I couldn’t think of anything more fun, I’ll promise to behave myself like a proper daughter of yours.” The girl added in for good measure. It wasn’t a lie; Lizzie was not the type of young girl who did not behave or did actions that her father suggested her to be. She didn’t need to have William to watch her. But she chose not to go against his wishes.

"We want to go too, please papa," The twins moaned in the background of the conversation before climbing out their seats, going to their father, and climbing to seat in his lap. They were still young enough to not anger Father with their own silliness.
PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:47 pm

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Young Master William Mason Grey

William turned his smothering gaze to a softer one at the sight of his two younger siblings going to climb up into there fathers lap who hugged them both and was chuckling,"My dear children perhaps one day you shall venture out like your brother and sister but for now you will be forced to sit here and be good", he told them turning to his wife,"Dear I think you and Elizabeth should go for shopping? Take William with you and get him something nice", he pulled himself up from his chair,"Now there my dear boy when you return if it not late we can enjoy some Croquet", william smiled and bowed his head to his father,"Why of course father It would be a pleasure", he turned to lizzie and mother,"I shall go grab my town coat and hat", he told them pulling himself from the chair bowing respectfully playing the gentlemen because he knew his stepmother liked it,"I shall meet you both at the entrance in due time excuse me", he apologized before leaving them alone to themselves.  


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