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Rosario Vampire Backstories

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:11 pm
This is backstories on characters or people they knew.  
PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:34 pm
ooc: aye guys i just wanted to post this cuz i felt like fleshing out the character more.

-The short story of Konren-


Konren in his younger years was a weak shy and over fragile bean, Konren lived in our modern world but ... lived in the rural outskirts of japan, this particular part of world resembled that of the the japan of old... which was home to a many numbers of large settlements,small villages,and miles and miles of farmland, it was here the young konren called home.
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As a child konren struggled with food and had little to nowhere to call home... to make it day to day he would go farm to farm stealing crops from the local villages,some days were better than others,konren was usually able to steal massive amounts of food by night and minimal by day ... one faithful day konren became reckless and desperate trying to stockpile a large amount of food for the winter ... he was promptly captured and beaten nearly to death by enraged farmers... it was than at his lowest point when konren met her.

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She was nicknamed the gluttonous fox by the near by townsfolk, and was deemed a plague and a curse on the land... it seemed wherever she went she would leave nothing but empty homes and cold corpse's she was forever hungry but never satisfied... and because of this simple fact she took pity on Konren and took him in as his most vulnerable... battered and bruised Konren quickly began to became attached to the gluttonous fox ,almost viewing her as a forum of savoir...

the gluttonous fox took konren in and nurtured him back to health once completely healed from his injuries she began to teach him how properly to fend for himself...
she would go home to home stealing the life essence of any poor soul to cross her path... until one day she grew bored of hunting her own game and began to send konren out to do her dirty work...a new sense of confidence topped with being love sick ... konren quickly agreed and began to set out night after night stealing massive amounts of life essence from the poor settlements around the area.

this went on for many years to come... and the two seemed to profit quite well from each other the gluttonous fox would be fed nightly and konren would receive what he thought was unconditional love... their relationship began to sour though as her request began harder and harder to satisfy... unable to keep up with the ever skyrocketing number's konren returned to his lover with a great deal less than usual...this as you can imagine this did not set well with the gluttonous fox for she absorbed what little he had and still hungered for more ....

-the beginning of the konren who we know now-

"hm? and the rest my dear?" she said her eyes becoming cold and distance as she began to circle konren

"the rest my love?...i...i did the best i could if we continue like this the statements will be completely picked dry" he spoke sure she would understand

"hmmm...perhaps you're feeling guilty?" she said placing two fingers upon his chest "...tell me my love...what happens to a cow that doesn't milk anymore?" she asked beginning to dig her nails in... not giving him time to answer
konren's eyes began to widen as she stripped herself of her human form beginning to take the shape of a large fox demon which in seconds had him pinned to the ground...

Dazed and confused Konren began to panic as he realized she was beginning to feed off him ... in a blind Rage konren himself took fox form

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full of sorrow anger and rage everything became a huge blur and when konren finally snapped back they were both once again in their human forms.... and to konren's horror he had his fangs deeply embedded into the side of her neck...she began to gazed down at him an amused look upon her face "hehehehe... look who's the glutton now? " she said with one last shaky breath before her body went completely limp...

konren quickly drop to his knees with the women he loved limply falling to his lap...he swiftly tossed his head skyward and yelled towards the heavens before sinking his head into the hair of the gluttonous fox where he began to sob for hours...

after completely mourning his loss konren broken and blanked faced carried the body of the gluttonous fox far away for the farm lands... to a grove of cherry blossom, where he quickly dispatched any nearby onlooker so he could properly bury her...after doing so he sat by her grave and began to weep once more but... after the first hour of doing so ...something in him began to blame himself.. than her... than himself again then... her once more... until it all became to much for him and he began to walk away from her grave his sobs turning into sick twisted laughter...

-the second storm-

konren...was no longer scared nor shy due to his new warped and damaged mind ...and he was also no longer weak or fragile thanks to the fact he had inherited of the powers of the gluttonous fox upon her untimely death... changed and broken konren disappeared for many months... only to resurface when he enrolled into yokai academy for his sophomore year ... the beginning of his year was quiet as konren adjusted to his new environment, as he began to settle he found enjoyment in causing mischief around the school ... theses activities would consist of rumors and lies that would cause widespread panic around the school... one day a curious girl tracked one of konren's rumors right back to the source... and instead of Turning him into the punishment commie she began to talk and gossip with him which lead the two onto a path of friendship.

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the two began to see more and more of each other until konren realized his was beginning to form a connection to the girl and quickly cut off all ties in order to save himself from heartbreak... crushed and destroyed by rejection the girl landed herself within the hospital in critical condition attempting to take her own life... (she as of now lies in coma)

upon hearing this konren sunk deeper and deeper into madness getting himself expelled from the school due to his pranks and jokes becoming increasingly radical and dangerous.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:56 pm
This is written in letter form the actual story of Callidora's mother and what happened to her. Why her father gives her everything she asks for and the dark secrets of why he never remarried.

"These letters that I write are addressed to my Heir may she know why I hid them from her for so many years only to find they have made their way back up after my unprofoundly death...

Nicholette Lisette Petit nothing shy from perfect in any aspects of a woman. Beautiful, Ambitious, Seductive though her traits were shy from her ever ending kindness and display of generosity she showed toward me.. but I could never possibly know.. why she could be so many wonderful things yet hide such in describe evil underneath it all. Our marriage was arranged I had met her at a party for the wealthy of Europe and Asia. It was love at first sight we took to each other like vessels of water. And upon the announcement of our marriage to one another through our excited parents it was set... Taking up my place under my fathers company after he perished in a war not to far after... It was certain I would be held with a lot of responsibilities, and with a new wife on hand I was certain she would do her job of helping me with the business as my mother had done with my father before me. Though it seems after the love affair that followed after 6 months of thinking I knew nothing shy of an angel the marriage was completed and done and soon after I began to learn her true nature...

It started innocent enough she really just wanted fresh human blood and I could provide that through a blood bank. This satisfied her for awhile and she seemed fine with it all until the cravings began to kick in.. the cravings for an actual kill, the feeling the exile-ration of taking down your own prey brought her to beg and pout for actual human food. Finding it was easier to give into her demands at the time I began buying up convicted felons that countries would let me have. She relished in this new sensation and finally pleased she remained quiet for a small while until.. She came to me it was the month of October and she told me flat out she was bored of what food was being bought she wanted younger blood... At this point I knew she had brought me in to far not only had I been providing with her illegal food substance she seemed to relish in tormenting with her knack of bending me to her will.
It was revolting...

I began to buy up orphans from all over the most deprived parts of the world, africa, china, india... ones I knew would rather be dead than live in the brutal hells' they lived in on a daily basis. She thought she was in pure bliss and I disturbed myself every night with thoughts of those children being slaughtered by her kind yet cruel ruthless hand every week... She was wearing down my conscios still they were only humans.. they were nothing more than business. Even though the Guilt ate me I finally buried it and moved on feeling myself growing colder towards thinking that humans were just food... Eventually this was good enough either as she came to me a 3rd time in our marriage and asked for fresher blood she demanded pure blood people that were free of illness and disease.. something that tasted amazing on the tongue.. I knew exactly what she wanted but it was a risky business and i found myself growing nervous finding regular average everyday people that I would personally have to inspect on a daily basis was going to be harder.. So disappearances began to pop up all around the world every day someone disappears right? So what was the big deal if we was the one doing it.. She demanded only human blood now and would take nothing else she was given a new human every day. The feelings deep within my soul were beginning to stir again the guilt the anger.. but I buried it deeper she was finally satisfied and asked no more until a miracle occurred. She became pregnant.
She became to lazy for human blood and went back to substitute the disappearances stopped my record and those involved were either murdered or paid off nothing was known by anyone... except in these letters. Soon we birthed you my darling my joy my life my precious Heir Callidora La Viene. I had an heir and a daughter something changed within my heart and the moment you were born I found myself already wrapped around your pinky. The household was in an uproar everything was centered and revolved around you. I never would have that after all the attention she received that she would dare.. but she began to show her own hate for you soon enough..
It started with complaints of the maids noticing you were in dangerous areas which my wife immediately blamed on the last nursery maid. One by one they all began to be terminated sent of with horrible resumes not to harm anyone else children again, then she actually tired to murder you.. One frightful story later told was she dunked your small head under water in attempting to drown you only to find out in disgust you weren't going to die by being drowned.. you can't kill a vampire as easily as that. She blamed maid after maid and I ignored it all thinking nothing was wrong until that fateful night one nursey maid came back one brave soul dared to face my wraith and on pain of death she begged me on bend and knee to please stop her before you were murdered. I almost didn't believe her.. but that stormy night I heard you cry in the far west wing.. you always seemed to cry around her.. and linking my thoughts back to how you couldn't stand being around her I began to fear the worst. I burst into the nursery stake in hand and preparing to stab the murdering weapon into your heart. Everything went black...
They told me I walked to her as she quivered in fear of my wrath and i dragged her by her hair as she went kicking and screaming out the door. Next she was hauled away by guards as I turned back to you holding onto your with dear life afraid to let anyone touch you even the woman who saved your life. I sat there til the morning sun and I finally came to my senses. Next.. was her untimely punishment. We stood a private trail very few attended all the nursery maids attended even the one who saved your life you know her now as Ms. Moreau. They all confessed that they didn't say anything for fear they would be murdered by her, and finally her confession she was silent and she was devious she was cocky she felt I would not have the heart to send her to death.. I didn't realize I had much worse planned... She told me boldly and without fear that she wanted you gone you were nothing more than an obstacle in her way to supreme power over taking our company and my love.. She used me and I felt my heart harden at her words and with the coldest order I gave I sentenced her to brutal torture and then death by my hand. The look she gave me when I told her these words haunted me i still remember the face...
She was tied to a pole bound with unbreakable special chains... and then sitting behind my own protective screen we began to torture.. The UV Rays shined down onto her nearly naked body as she began to burn alive, she screamed for hours first in defiance and then begging for mercy I listened to it all on deaf ears. toward the end watching her perfect flesh rot away and burn and bubble underneath her torture device I noticed how truly twisted I was myself allowing and relishing in knowing she was burning for her Lies. Finally the lights were shut off after 3 days and I approached her charred body and I heard her last words were her trying to comfort herself as I shoved a stake into her heart. She finally breathed no more. I had an incinerator brought her head was chopped off then all her limbs and each one tossed to burn into ash as I walked away and never looked back never regretted a single action. And even to this day after having witnessed it all and known my actions were merciless I have no regrets for my greatest goal as a parent and a father was accomplished that day. I would protect my Daughter and Heir to no extent and I shall always be there for you... You may have wondered why I never took another wife after so many years and It was for your safety Callidora.. You are Muguet my perle de la mer, I will always place you first until my own dying breathed as my parents did before me.. I hope that these letters may never find you.. I shall keep one copy in a vial next to my heart a drop of my memories will be given to the one I find worthy to know my dark past your next protector after I die but until then these letters will never been seen or known.. your loving father Andrew La Viene",

he proceeds to get up from his desk and with that he walks to his fireplace tossing the letters that he intended to only relieve his mind as he held onto the vial dangling from around his neck embedded into a ruby necklace given to him by the woman who started this whole mess. His eyes watch the flames lick the paper and he begins to smile, as he walks out of his study.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:59 pm
So this is probably part 1 of maybe 2 or 3 that I will show to explain Leo and Eri's heritage. Warning this does include alot of incest you need to understand in the God's world it was nesicarry to either marry or breed with your own children/sibling for us peoples its gross I know but this is how the mythology is.

So Technically Eri's mother is Gaia she is the beginning of the Gods themselves or even the Titans she is the primal Titan she bore her son Uranus whom she had i believe 12-13 children with. She is the beginning of life and the Titans and gods. She is know to be the figmentation of Earth so she is pretty much the Earth its self her husband/son is Uranus whom is the sky Titan or god. So their Son Cronus and his sister and wife Rhea bear the gods the first 6 which include: Hera, Zeus, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, they in turn bear their own children or what not and such. Now in other scenerio's of greek mythology it seems that some cases some parents have different children and vice versa I have no idea why but this is the internet at work people. So that is Eri's mother now Leo is Ares son and he is the son of Zeus and Hera so that would make Gaia is great great grandmother and Eri like his great Aunt. That is how they are related down the line. I do not wish to post the whole family history on here unless you want more information where I can post a part 2 and do more details but I will tell you this there is a damn lot of Dieties and I dont even know what the hell they are but apparently this is how Cyclops and giants got into the world because of Gaia. So there is a brief history and connection as into how they are related and some in story on greek mythology.  


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