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Reply Temple Training Center (monthly games)
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Mirdala Naast


PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:50 pm
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Welcome to Target Practice!

So's my dear brudda-in-law decided to give me some kind a chore hereabouts so's I'd keep outta trouble or sumpin' see? Between you's an' me, I think the ol' Sith is afraid of gettin' locked up and shot at agin, you know? Not like I'd ever do dat kinda thing to him agin' or nuttin', now's that I know we's related an all, right? Whatever da reason, I's got me dis here job teachin' the likes of you's how to properly control an' use your Blastech E-11© blaster, see? Step right up and try your marksmanship out on dese here targets.

Get your gear and get your gun!

How to play: You will roll 3 100-sided dice. If you hit a number with a prize listed next to it, it means you's collect on it. That's 3 shots! Once someone has hit that target, please edit that post with the number and prize won. The number will be removed. You can win more than one prize per day. No deleting posts.

These are the numbers you must generate to get the item listed beside it.

Da person what hits da most targets here gets a special prize, See? User Image
To Be Determined

1: Radio Havok
3: Impawssibly Snowy
4: Love Charm III
7: Watermelon Patch
12: Ready. Set. SUMMER!
14: Trinket Heart
15: Luna's Incense
19: Emerald Seed
21: Suspicious Package
22: Digital Rainbow
27: Famestar Hero
28: Midsummer Swirl
33: Forgotten Reverie
35: Snow Apple
37: Joker's Wild
39: Wrath Of Gaia
43: Famestar Masquerade
44: Final Reign
46: Love Charm II
50: Double Rainbow
53: Neon Core
54: Underland
57: Champion Halls
64: Poseidon's Legacy
68: LeXBox
69: Little Green Vial
72: Gee Boi Turbo
74: Tales Of An Adventurer
77: FAMESTAR 2000 Ticket (Round 1)
82: Checkmate Remix
85: Lonely Star
87: Wiggling Wonders
89: Code Alpha
91: Eternal Rivals
93: Divine Transcendence
95: Demonation
98: April Memories
100: Hell Prison

checked to page: 1100

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:37 pm
Every now and then, we's gonna have to obliterate one a Scabrous' clones of Darth Daddicus what didn't quite cut the mustard so's we can process da meat and put mustard on it in da cafeteria! Dis'll be da spot where's I bring one a dem wacked out clones to for you's ta shoot, dig? Just plug a blaster bolt in 'im, and voila, you's lookin' at gettin' da fancy prize what's coming to you for doin dat, alright?  

Mirdala Naast


Mirdala Naast


PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:38 pm
Students Accumulated Scores

Fred66 = 1*
Queentintin =
Esme Marie Cullen =
Tauzuriel = 1
sachara = 1
Felinophile =
ozkur =
AngelMuerto =

Temple Training Center (monthly games)

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