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The NSTG's mission is to provide a safe and educational environment for the fostering of newbies to productive Gaians. 

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Sarcastic Prophet

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 10:31 am
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gaia_star Table of Contents

  • Post 1: Table of Contents
  • Post 2: Welcome! Your NSTG Tour Starts Here
  • Post 3: Official Guild Rules and Subforum Guide
  • Post 4: Banners and Affiliates
  • Post 5: Guild Treasurer Information
  • Post 6: Seasonal Events
  • Post 7: Posting Requirement F.A.Q.
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 10:35 am
gaia_star Welcome to the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild!

    We are so glad you are here! Our guild is wonderful and the reason is the amazing people like you!
    This is a guide to our guild. We hope you'll find a home here for fun, help, and love.

    Like everywhere else, there are rules here. Please read our NSTG Rules in the next post first. Thank you.

    We acknowledge all birthdays in our newsletter, so please add yours to our Birthday thread.

    Now let's get to know you a little better. You can make your own thread of introduction in our Introductions forum to collect little howdies from other members. Feel free to post in someone else's introduction thread and share the fun of being new to our guild! And we'd be very interested to know How Did You Find the NSTG?

    Need a little help right away? If you're totally lost on Gaia, try our Getting Started resource. Feel free to visit other threads in our Resources Subforum for step-by-step guides on almost everything on Gaia. Need something a little more specific or personal? Visit our Questions and Assistance Subforum where you can make a thread for helpful, friendly, and quick responses to your every question.

    Prizes! You can also enter the NSTG Active Guild Member Raffle where you could win prizes just for posting in the guild 20 times or more every month. That raffle is open to all members for free every month!

    There are lots of other things to enjoy here, too, so it's easy and fun to get those post counts. For instance, you might enjoy our games in the Word Games subforum. Set up a quest thread in the Item Quests forum to help track your progress toward that one special expensive item. Take part in a fun charity, contest, or game in the Charities, Contests, and Games forum.

    Please feel free to contact any Crew member for help should you need it. We love helping - it's why we're Crew here!


Sarcastic Prophet


Sarcastic Prophet

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 11:10 am
gaia_star The Official Guild Rules of the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild

    Additional rules may be instated as deemed necessary and will be announced to the community via guild announcement. Serious or repeated infractions may result in a ban from the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild.

On Conduct

  1. Follow Gaia's Terms Of Service and Rules and Guidelines.

      We have a zero-tolerance policy for infractions of Gaia's official rules, which means that a single infraction will result in a ban from the guild.

  2. The NSTG welcomes those of all levels of Gaian experience and knowledge, including those with none.

      The purpose of this guild is to teach and help newbies; if you are not going to respect that goal, please reconsider your membership.

  3. The NSTG welcomes those of all backgrounds.

      In order to maintain a safe and welcoming community of friends, we hold ourselves to high standards of ethical conduct, which means that the expression of any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, or otherwise discriminatory sentiment will result in an immediate ban from the guild.

On Community Interaction

  1. Please post your topic in its appropriate subforum.

      Here's a list of our subforums and their intended purposes:

        Newbies' First Steps

        Delve Into the Community

        The Crew Discussion and Crew Vault subforums are reserved exclusively for our Crew members to discuss guild matters and to create new content.

  2. Follow the rules set by topic creators, even if they're not Crew members.

      If you're a topic creator and would prefer it if members did not delete posts from your thread, please edit the first post, put [ND] somewhere in the title, and explicitly bar the deleting of posts in your topic's rules. The Crew will check the guild's logs with frequency and will issue a warning to anyone (except the topic creator!) who deletes posts within a thread containing [ND] in its title.

  3. Be active!

      With the exception of those who have made more than 1,000 posts in the guild, we ask all members to post once every year. Those who fail to do so will be assumed to have quit Gaia and will be removed in an annual sweep. To learn more about this policy, please visit our F.A.Q.

  4. Reach out to the NSTG Crew.

      In a guild of this size, you might encounter a post or an exchange that needs to be brought to the attention of a Crewmember. In order to send one of us a private message, click one of the hyperlinked usernames listed in the first post.

      Here are some appropriate reasons for contacting an NSTG Crewmember:
      • To direct us to a topic that's been posted in the wrong subforum,
      • To show us a post that contains graphic images or explicit language,
      • To warn us about a debate that is becoming very heated,
      • To ask us NSTG-related questions whose answers you can't find,
      • Or simply to say hello!

      Some inappropriate reasons to contact an NSTG Crewmember include:
      • To ask us for donations of gold, platinum, or items,
      • To ask for promotions, "likes," or support in individual endeavors,
      • Or to ask questions about Gaia Online as a whole.

    • Well-developed quest threads are welcome in the NSTG, but begging threads are not. All begging threads will be deleted by a Crewmember without warning.

Updated June 12th, 2018 @ 5:45 PM CDT
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 11:17 am
gaia_star Banners

    Advertising for the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild affords others the opportunity to learn more about Gaia. Wouldn't you like to help a fellow newbie?

    Here's how to do it:

    • Choose your favorite banner.
    • Copy the code underneath the banner you have selected.
    • Edit your signature (click here).
    • Paste the code of the banner you chose straight into the white box and click "Save All Changes."

    User Image
    By Pinka-Boo-Boo

    User Image
    By Pinka-Boo-Boo

    User Image
    By *Starlight*

    User Image
    By *Starlight*

    User Image
    By We Move Like Cagey Tigers

    User Image
    By Zachmonsterr

    User Image

    User Image
    By Ragenule

    User Image
    By Ebania

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image
    By TheChief-5

    User Image
    By Eternal Rebellion

    User Image
    By Elyralith

gaia_star Affiliates

    As only Crewmembers are able to edit this thread, you will not be able to post a link to your thread, guild, or clan. This thread will contain only Crew-approved and -verified affiliates. If you are interested in affiliating with the NSTG, please send a private message containing the following information to JoyRose:

    • a brief description of your guild, thread, or clan
    • a link and banner to your guild, thread, or clan
    • a link to where the NSTG is advertised within your guild, thread, or clan

    An affiliation does not constitute free advertising space. It is a partnership where two organizations post advertisements for each other. Please note, however, that we do remove the banners of affiliate organizations that have seen no new posts within the past year, whose banners are now defunct, or whose owners are no longer active.


      User Image User Image User Image User Image


    Mini-Shops and Services

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    Updated May 4th, 2020.


Sarcastic Prophet

NSTG Treasurer

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 11:20 am
gaia_star Guild Treasurer Information

    This is Ebania, posting from the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild's treasury account. If you wish to donate to the NSTG, please send donations to this account; do not use the form at the bottom of the guild homepage, as we can only use those funds to publish guild announcements and to purchase new subforums.

    The donations sent to this account will be used to sponsor in-guild charities, contests, and seasonal events. Please note that the NSTG Treasurer is the only official treasury account for the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild. If you are contacted by any other account soliciting donations (other than guild Crew who promote donations to the NSTG), please be aware that it is a scam and that you should not donate to that other user.

    Thank you very much for your continued support of this guild, both through your participation and donations.

Donation Tiers

    2018 Benefactors (Google Doc)

    Gold Donations
    • Amazing Angels donate 50,000,000,000g+ / 5,000p+
    • Precious Patrons donate 10,000,000,000g+ / 1,000p+
    • Beloved Benefactors donate 1,000,000,000g+ / 100p+
    • Honored Supporters donate 100,000,000g+ / 10p +

    Item Donations
    • Heavenly Helpers donate items worth 5,000,000,000g+ / 500p+
    • Treasured Contributors donate items worth 1,000,000,000g+ / 100p+
    • Generous Gaians donate items worth between 100,000,000g+ / 10p+
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 11:24 am
gaia_star Seasonal Events

    You can add our event calendar to your Google Calendar by following these instructions. Our ICAL link is as follows:


    Please note that some of these dates can change. Thank you!

Spirit Week

  • Second week of the New Year
  • Celebrates the NSTG's birthday, which is on January 4th
  • Daily avatar contests from Monday through Friday
  • One NSTG-related contest and one random-number or dice game
  • Awards Ceremony on Saturday night to celebrate our members

Valentine's Day

  • Towns party on weekend before or of February 14th
  • Often in collaboration with another user-run organization

St. Patrick's Day

  • Towns party on weekend before or of March 17th
  • Often in collaboration with another user-run organization


  • Holy Week, or the week preceding Easter Sunday
  • Guild-wide Easter egg hunt
  • Two contests and two random-number or dice games
  • Towns party


  • Two weeks during July or August
  • Biggest event of the year!
  • Often spotlighted by Gaia (homepage, announcement, Kickstarter, etc.)
  • Massive guild-wide, team-based competition
  • Two contests and three random-number or dice games
  • Towns party


  • Final week of October
  • Two contests and three random-number or dice games
  • Towns party


  • Final two weeks of December
  • Three contests and three random-number or dice games
  • Towns party


Sarcastic Prophet


Sarcastic Prophet

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:47 pm
gaia_star Posting Requirement F.A.Q.

What is the NSTG's posting requirement?

    Those who have posted more than 1,000 times in our guild will never be removed from the guild due to inactivity. We ask everyone else, however, to post in the NSTG at least once a year, which is rather reasonable: consider that, in that time frame, our guild sees seven guild-wide events, five Thread Events, twelve monthly Active Members Raffles, and countless opportunities for interaction in our thriving, global community.

Why is there a posting requirement at all?

    There are three reasons:

    • To have a better idea of the number of Gaians who are active in our guild and to serve you on a more individualized level,

    • To more easily track our growth in the quantity of members who remain active in the guild,

    • And to track trends in our growth (i.e. comparing how many new members and posts we gained during one seasonal event versus how many we gained in another).

Are you trying to punish inactive members?

    No. After removing thousands of members from our community and reading through many of their profiles, I can assure you of this: the vast majority of those who get removed have lost interest in Gaia or in the NSTG and will likely never return.

    We do not wish to punish members for taking a break from Gaia or for having been quiet since joining. If you should find yourself removed and wish to join us again, a single private message to a Crewmember will do the trick.

    We will always be here to welcome you home.

What about members who are neurodiverse, mentally ill, or just shy? Some people prefer lurking or giving anonymously.

    We are an inclusive community, and we always seek to make room for people of different backgrounds and needs. But when I'm perusing pages upon pages members who haven't posted in years, I cannot distinguish between a benevolent lurker and someone who no longer has an interest in the NSTG: the only clue at my disposal is the date of someone's most recent post.

    This is what I mean when I say that we want to be able to serve you on a more individualized level: if we know that we have an active group of lurkers and fairies in our midst, we can take them into account when making administrative decisions. If a thread exclusively for bumping is the only place a member feels comfortable posting, or if a support thread for neurodiverse and mentally ill people would help someone feel safe enough to post, or if there are steps we can take to make our seasonal events more welcoming to those with unique needs, we could pursue those options.

    Our Crew and CAP Volunteers are creative, but our experiences and ideas have limits: with your help, we can make the NSTG better for all of its members.

    Updated June 12th, 2018 @ 5:45 PM CDT
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