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Koken x Kohaku - Farm Life

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Deecee Sama


PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:35 pm
A farm off in Arashi where the two lads grew up.  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:31 pm

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                                                          • It was just another day like any other. That was what Koken had thought it was going to be. Wake up, get dressed, figure out what he was going to eat for breakfast while tidying himself in the bathroom. Rubbing the crust from both eyes left him in a sort of daze as the tooth brush went back and forth. Eyes barely open as they half lidded stared towards the reflection of himself. A hard gurgle of the mouth before spitting back into the sink and continuing to watch with a lack of interest. His hair was starting to get long again - probably needed to cut it soon. Blowing some air up out of his eyes he turned to get the shower running while heading back into the room. No doubt Kokahu was already up moving around as with most days but for whatever reason Koken felt slow to rise. It was off. . It hadn't stopped raining since yesterday and who knew how long that was going to last. If you couldn't tell already, he was no fan of being drenched while doing yardwork.

                                                            "KOKEN! C'MON NOW AND GET DOWN HERE! YOU AND YA' BROTHER IS TRAVELING TO THE CITY TODAY!"

                                                            That was another reason why he was already irate, probably. Good ole gram-gram was up making noise and ordering him around. At least city travel would be more fun than ripping at the fields all damn day, that was for sure. Finally finishing getting himself together, his eyes motioned back and forth in the mirror; a hard glare before his Byakugan became active. Fingers wiped along the edges of the veins before sighing, deactivating while grabbing his jacket to leave. To be honest this was growing more and more. . boring. Nothing but the same routine with a sprinkle of traveling to the city to sell every few months when the crops came. Koken craved for more. Be it his Shinobi heritage that pushed him or that stories every time he traveled to Arashigakure. Either way, it never sated him to just go off then come back with nothing but tose tall tales to go off of and even gettin' to see a nice woman or two.

                                                            Another thing he grew tired of was living out here with not a single lady to even dream about. All they had was gram-gram and that was just disgusting to think about all around.



                                                            "YA' DON'T HERE ME TALKIN' TO YA' BOY?! WHERE THE HELLS YA BRAIN AT!"

                                                            Oh yeah. He was downstairs now with the rest of his family eating breakfast. Just a plain ole bowl of grits and milk as Gramps was talkin' some nonsense about. . something. You couldn't pay him to pay attention much at all. Placing another spoonful in his mouth while rubbing the side of his head Koken half nodded to his elder before turning to look at the bowl in mild irritation.

                                                            "Ma' brains right here Gramps. I heard every word ya' said."

                                                            "OH YEAH?! THEN WHERE YOU POSE' TO BE TAKIN' THE PRODUCE TO WHEN YA' GET TO TOWN?! HUH?!"

                                                            "Uhh. The same place we. . . always take it?"



                                                            "Or it'll fall off from you hittin' it all the time."

                                                            "WHAT?! DA' HELL DID YOU JUST SAY BOY?!"

                                                            Half smiling to himself as he looked to his Gramps Koken rose from the table, patting the old man on the shoulder while heading into the kitchen where Gram-Gram was. Giving her a light kiss on the cheek he sat his dish down before looking at the window not too far away. The rain really was coming down.

                                                            "Ya' know. It rained just like this the day I brought you two out here too."

                                                            Laughing to himself, Koken walked back towards the door before leaning on the wall.


                                                            "Thas' right. Cryin' like the babies ya' were. You hated the rain just as much as ya' do now."

                                                            "I don't hate the rain much anymore Gram. I just. . It just reminds me of how boring all this is. Ya' know we're almost eighteen. . Me and Kohaku been thinkin' of movin' back to Arashi."

                                                            There was a silence in the room as dishes clinked back and forth - an obvious soft spot that he didn't like touching, but he wasn't going to ignore it anymore.

                                                            "I dun' know bout that dear."

                                                            "Gram, c'mon. We can't work on this farm forever. Besides, we're gettin' stronger. We can only hit a dummy so many times and I can only break so many things fore' Gramps loses the rest of his marbles."

                                                            "I understand that, but you know that's how I lost ya' mother and father. Out there, runnin' around being shinobi. You wanna join em' in the grave?"

                                                            "No Gram, but-"

                                                            CRASH! A plate fell.

                                                            "NO! That's the final answer Koken! It's too dangerous! I won' let no mo' of my kin throw they life away! Now please go load the cart up."

                                                            He couldn't hep but sigh and do as he was told. Not saying a word to anyone Koken went out into the rain and without a hood. He didn't need it. Maybe the rain would at least help him cool off from that little back and forth.

xCOMPANY: Family.
xMOOD: Down.
xLOCATION: Land of Storm; Farmland.

Deecee Sama



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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:21 pm
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                              "Whew wee!! We got ourselves a bountiful harvest here, dont'cha think so?" An older woman wiped the sweat from her brow as she hefted a large sack over her shoulder and dropped it into his arms. A toothy grin would spread across her face as she did. Kohaku hoisted the bag onto his back and grunted, almost struggling to keep himself upright from his person's increased weight. He looked up, shielding his eyes from the sun, and hobbled over to a cart, where there were other similar bags. This process continued until the cart was nearly filled to the brim with sacks of crops and produce—just another day in the countryside. The thought lingered in Kohaku's mind as he raced back to the woman. They had been at this for at least an hour, having filled up two carts, leaving one more left to load.

                              "Yeesh Grams, that was more than the last haul. You sure it's fine ta give em this much? What about you and Gramps?" His voice filled with concern about the situation.

                              "Oh hush now, child. Me an' mine'll be fine. 'Sides, I made sure ta stash away enough for us all, including yer bottomless pit of a brother." She rested her hand on his arm, giving him a reassuring wink before walking off.

                              "C'mon now. Gotta make sure food is ready 'fore yer brother pitches another fit." She looked up as a droplet of rain fell on her nose, "And so this rain don't come down on us!"

                              "Yes, ma'am!"

                              The pair took off towards a small house on a hill not too far from the fields. Pushing the door open, Kohaku was greeted with the smell of fresh food. Grits, to be exact. As he stepped in, Kohaku nodded to a man passing by him towards a staircase.

                              "Mornin' Gramps, off to wake Koken up? Again."

                              "You betcha apples I am. Damn boy needs ta learn how ta get up bright and early like you." He huffed, muttering a couple of swears to himself before ascending up the steps and out of sight.

                              The boy began to set the table and portion out the meal as per his grandmother's instructions. It wouldn't be long until he could hear the banter between his brother and grandfather going on as the two made their way into the kitchen and taking their seats. Grams started to reminisce about the days when the twins were young, and things were going on as usual. The most he could remember about his childhood was being told that he and his brother were found amidst the rubble of a nearby village, their cries drowned out by the rain. The only reason they were found was thanks to the couple's excellent hearing.

                              At least until Koken mentioned wantin' to leave the countryside. Again. It wasn't the first time he'd done so, but it surely wouldn't be last, at least until they acquiesced. Kohaku simply sat eating his breakfast, waiting for the argument to die off as it usually did. With the smashing of a plate and the air becoming tense, it ended, Koken walking out with a storm hovering over him.

                              The couple looked between themselves and then back at Kohaku, who was simply eating his grits. Grams turned her back towards them, continuing to wash dishes. Gramps took his seat again, fiddling with his hands before speaking up.

                              "Listen, son." He began, opening his mouth to say something else but faltering as if he were at a loss for words. "Ya know me and yer Grams have been through a lot, seen a lot. Out of everything that's happened ta us, the two of you were the light in the darkness."

                              Kohaku averted his gaze from his grandfather for a minute, appearing to be gathering his thoughts before he spoke. There were many things he wanted to say on the subject, but it would be best, to be frank about it. They had been through this cycle for far too long now and things had to change before either side said something that they would regret later.

                              "I know, Gramps. Koken does too, even though it may sound like he doesn't." He scratched his head, a slight look of irritation coming across his face, "But he and I can do things. Things that our parents could do and we gotta know fer ourselves what they did. What they sacrificed themselves for. All this time I grew up not knowin' em an' all I could think of was what could be so important that they had ta leave us behind."

                              It was frustrating for Kohaku to talk about their parents. Having so little information and not being able to ask anyone who might have known them, anything ate at him for years. He tried to put up a front to keep his grandparents from realizing it bothered him even more than his brother. It was only by Koken's outbursts that he was able to keep it up for so long, almost as if he were allowing him to speak for the both of them. The only way that Kohaku thought that he and his brother would have any chance at finding out the truth was in the village, as shinobi.

                              He rose from his seat and sighed,"It's not that we don't appreciate everythin' ya'll have done fer us. It's just..."

                              A look of uncertainty and fear took residence on his face, "What happens when we can't protect ya'll with just our fists? I'm not tryin' ta make any excuses. We just want ta keep you guys safe."

                              "Just...Think 'bout it. For us." Kohaku pleaded before going out to join his brother. A gnawing sensation of guilt ate at him, but he couldn't help but be a little selfish. Was it so bad to want to know the truth about their parents?


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:31 pm

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                                                          • There was just winning in this situation no matter what he did. Every time he brought it up they always shut him down. Always told him it wasn't a good idea, but. . but he couldn't just stay held up in this farm forever. They were meant for more than this and he was sure his grandparents were noticing their abilities. Koken's strength was anything but normal and Kohaku was nearly a prodigy when it came to studies. They had gifts that came from their past and to just sit here, sullying them without putting them to use only upset Koken more. Besides that, their parents; were they truly dead or maybe they were alive somewhere? Maybe if they tried hard enough they could finally find them. But they'd get nowhere on this farm and he was tired of waiting around. After loading up the last of the cart Koken sat there staring up to the sky, letting the rain drench his face to hide the frustration. Before he knew it Kohaku had already joined him out in the open and just turned to give a blank face before pointing with a thumb to the stuff in the back of the cart.

                                                            "Looks like we're all loaded up fa' now. Les' get movin' before Gramps comes out here and starts barkin' again."

                                                            The face Kohaku had showed it all. The same desperation he felt deep inside to head off and do something with the power they were developing - yet here they were, hauling off produce to make ends meet yet again. There was so much more to the world then waiting for a few vegetables to pop out the ground. Grasping the reigns to the carriage he got them moving forward. The only sound rain and the two goats. . but that changed after a bit.

                                                            "I'mma do it Kohaku. I love Gramps and Gram, but we can't stay on this farm anymore. Whatever happened to our parents. The power we've been gettin'; the answers ta' all that are out there for us and we're wastin' time here. They don' agree but. . but we gotta do it. For ourselves. For our folks."

                                                            Taking a moment to break between thoughts Koken examined the reigns, lost in his own brain. This was the right thing to do for them. They had the right to the truth and to learn more about themselves, even if it meant hurting the people that raised them. All and all, they were hurting themselves staying locked up in the first damn place. At least, that was what he was going to tell himself to make this whole situation better.

                                                            "For us. . We gotta do it. ."

                                                            To be honest he had no idea where they'd go to find the answers he was looking for. For sure they'd start in Arashi but after that. . No, it didn't matter if they didn't know. If he started second guessing himself now it'd just make the whole thing fall apart. His resolve needed to be steeled for everything that was to come, good or bad.

                                                            Time kept on moving forward, as per their usual journey through lightning country it was nothing but boredom. A few wild animals but they knew how to ward them off easily enough. No big deal. Eventually it got to be pretty late and while battening down for the night Koken noticed there was caravan of people walking down the open path and some were badly wounded. Not thinking much of it he got up from where he was sleeping and headed on over.

                                                            "H-Hey, are you all aright? What happened?"

                                                            "Group of bandits moved in here recently and been roamin' the countryside. We ran into em' earlier. Killed a few people and stole most of our goods. Went runnin' off after eastward. We been tryna' get back ever since."

                                                            Wait. . Eastward?

                                                            Koken's head turned to where they'd just come from, eyes opening up wide in fear. No. There's just no way, right?

                                                            "If ya' keep movin' down this path there's an inn who can take ya' in. Here's some money."

                                                            Placing a few pounds of Ryo, what was usually used to keep them up for the night in town,, Koken then turned and rushed back over to his brother, making sure he was completely awake. It was still pouring down so vision was iffy but still. . they had to get moving!

                                                            "Kohaku we gotta go. I think Grams and Gramps are in trouble."

xCOMPANY: Kohaku
xMOOD: Worried.
xLOCATION: Land of Storm; Farmland.
xOBJECTIVE: Help his family.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:21 pm
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                              The rain had come out in full force by the time Kohaku had opened the door of his home. He sighed, making his way down the steps, his boots sloshing through the mud as he walked over to where his brother was standing. Koken was frustrated, something that Kohaku could understand. It had been rough for the two of them growing up in the valley. When they were younger, other kids would either tease them or flaunt the luxury of having two parents. Despite the elderly couples' reassurance and insistence that they pay them no mind, their insults had already cut deep. According to Grams and Gramps, the duo possessed the aptitude to be shinobi, supposedly like their parents. Something that they did not take kindly to and were vehemently against the twins doing so.

                              Kohaku hopped up to the passenger side of the carriage at his brother's request, and they departed from the small farm towards their destination. He looked back to see his grandparents standing on the porch, watching them leave. Meeting their gaze, the young man offered a slight smile and wave before turning back around and sighing as he deflated in his seat.

                              "I'mma do it Kohaku. I love Gramps and Gram, but we can't stay on this farm anymore. Whatever happened to our parents. The power we've been gettin'; the answers ta' all that are out there for us and we're wastin' time here. They don' agree but. . but we gotta do it. For ourselves. For our folks."

                              "I know. I know. It's just..." Kohaku looked back again, the house on the hill fading from view, "I'm scared about the truth. But you're right. We gotta know. Hell, we deserve to know."

                              There was nothing but uncertainty lingering in Kohaku's mind as they traveled, often stopping to give the goats rest and stretch their legs. Soon the sun had begun to set, and they had finally found an excellent spot to settle down for the night. Kohaku laid down and stared up at the night sky as he waited to sleep. On the one hand, the life they lived was peaceful and comfortable, but something was missing. On the other hand, whatever it was that they were seeking was sure to be found on the path that their parents walked. He was sure of that, at least. This was something that had to be done. They owed it to themselves. Was it so wrong to seek closure? Just thinking about it made him upset, prompting him to turn over and await slumber.

                              It wouldn't be for a few hours that Koken would kick him awake. Kohaku grumbled in protest, trying to pull his sleeping bag over his head.

                              "Kohaku we gotta go. I think Grams and Gramps are in trouble."

                              His eyes shot open as he hopped up and ran back to the carriage. As they made haste back to the farm, Koken filled him in on the details of what had transpired while he was asleep. His mind went back to Grams and Gramps, praying that they were okay and that they would make it in time.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:26 pm

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                                                          • And they were off!

                                                            Without even thinking Koken began tossing things into the carriage, his face filled with worry. Of all things to happen, bandits? And on the day he'd just got into an argument with both of them? Maybe this was fate trying to tell him to just settle down and be a farmer once and for all. Momentarily he looked on over to Kohaku to be sure he was ready before giving a nod, whipping the reigns to send the goats bucking at full speed across the countryside. Their gallops hitting the air in unison with the rain which hadn't let up in the slightest. The air was murky and humid despite the water smashing into their faces. Koken's hues burned with an intensity that shifted his Byakugan forward without even thinking, letting him see much farther and witness the area around them as they continued to move forward. At this point he only hoped they could make it there or that the two of them turned out to be completely fine.

                                                            He hoped. . but that wasn't gonna change what happened.

                                                            Coming up finally to their home the sight of horses in the distance said it all. Sprawled out around the farm and tied to different posts with what looked like several people posted in different directions. Immediately he slowed them to a halt, moving the carriage over to a nearby tree before tying the goats down for later, The obvious intent to make sure no one could spot them even if he'd already spotted them - for the time being, he couldn't tell if his family was alright or not, yet. The entire thing was driving him crazy but he couldn't just charge in without a plan and, after sliding back down to look Kohaku over, he finally spoke with some thought behind it.

                                                            "Okay. Here's the deal. I'll distract everyone out front while you sneak in to find Gram and Gramps. I'll get as much attention as I can. And dun' say its too dangerous, I already made up ma' mind."

                                                            Not even waiting to hear any objections Koken rushed pass and up the road to the entrance to the farm where most people were stationed. Casually walking in, he made sure to give everyone a once over to get an idea of what he was dealing with. At the least he'd been doing training to get used to these eyes he was sure weren't normal and they gave him basic idea of numbers. A quick sum up of about seven or so men, with probably many more waiting elsewhere. Stopping in front of the group he gave a bland face, the wetness from the rain overshadowing the eyes while staring forward before the group got to finally noticing him. A bunch of burly looking men who, by the looks of it, hadn't had a decent shower in months. Long beards, scars, typical no good bandit types. They were definitely too late.

                                                            "Who the ******** are you, boy? Ya' puttin' ya' nose in s**t it don't belong in."

                                                            No response immediately but he held his ground, surveying slowly. No Grams and Gramps in sight which hopefully meant they were inside the main house still.

                                                            "I live here. Why're you folk hangin' out around my home?"

                                                            A gurgle laugh started as some started to snicker, pointing a thumb Koken's way while others shook their head. Boy should've stayed where he was.

                                                            "Oh my apologies kid. Ain't know it wer' yours. Think of us as neighbors comin' round to get a cup of sugar. Cept', we didn't come to ask fer it. We came to take it."

                                                            Slowly the young man nodded as the group continued their laughter, starting to swing his arm in a wind up fashion and stretch. No more talking. It seemed like there wasn't gonna be much of a point to it, though he'd hoped at least one of them were down to reason with him. . to no avail. Standing in position with fist out his eyes lowered as if testing. Better to egg them on and draw more attention.

                                                            "C'mon then. Let's see what you pieces of s**t're made of huh?"

                                                            He could've ran but this was an opportunity to test himself to see if he was even meant for the road he claimed to want to walk. This was for him and no one else. .

                                                            "Dun' worry Gramps and Gram. Kohaku is on his way to save you both."

xCOMPANY: Family.
xMOOD: Down.
xLOCATION: Land of Storm; Farmland.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:25 pm
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                              As they rode back to the farm, sights of various places torn apart and destroyed flew past them. It wasn't long until they reached the welcome sign of the small village they lived in, broken into pieces and scattered along the road. Koken pulled up a ways away from the house, tying off the goats and puling Kohaku behind the carriage to explain the plan of action. From the looks of it, several men had the place surrounded, some outside while the others were supposedly inside.

                              Kohaku felt Koken's hand rest on his shoulder as he began to speak, "Okay. Here's the deal. I'll distract everyone out front while you sneak in to find Gram and Gramps. I'll get as much attention as I can. And dun' say its too dangerous, I already made up ma' mind."

                              It was dangerous. It was a pretty stupid plan, too, considering they had no idea what the bandits were capable of, and the two of them were just simple farmhands. Kohaku turned around to voice his objections, but the last thing he saw was Koken's back as he took off and started to garner the bandits' attention.

                              "Goddammit, Koken! If we survive this, I'ma strangle you myself." Kohaku hissed to himself as he took off in the opposite direction, using the large stacks of hay as cover, inching closer and closer to the house, undetected by the bandits, thanks to his brothers' distraction. As he got closer to the house, Kohaku followed his brothers' example and activated his Byakugan. This ability was something that he and his brother had for as long as they could remember. According to their grandparents, it manifested early on, and they were unsure of its effects. Though once they were a little older, the twins began to practice and experiment with the strange ability discovering that they could do various things with them active.

                              Kohaku slowly lifted the window, attempting to enter the house silently. He found himself dropping into the bathroom, closing the window behind him. As he did, the sound of footsteps caught his attention, and his head snapped to the door. His vision grew blurry and pulsed; what was once solid color became dark, and people's outlines became visible. There were about four people in front of him and two upstairs, lying down. A gruff voice came from the figure in front of the door as they continued towards another person.

                              "Damn, these old ******** ain't got s**t in this house."

                              "Aye, this has gotta be the worst spot we've picked in a while. Only food in here."

                              "I don't mind the food, but I'd kill for a nice woman. Gehehehe."

                              Another one of the figures spoke up, joining in on the conversation.

                              "Shut up, you psycho. You already killed the old hag and her husband. Cool it. They didn't even tell us if they had any valuables"

                              He what? Kohaku's eyes shot back up to the two figures lying still upstairs. No, they were lying. Right? He could hear the thumping of his heart ringing in his ears as he waited for the figures to move out of sight. Nervously, Kohaku crept up the stairs and made his way into the room where he assumed his grandparents were. Almost slipping on something slick, he caught himself and stopped, holding his breath. He turned around to see if anyone had heard, but he could still hear the muffled voices downstairs as they were still in the kitchen. A sigh of relief came quietly, and Kohaku looked down to see his hand covered in blood. A wave of fear washed over him, the sight causing his focus to falter and his vision returning to normal.

                              He pressed forth, following the trail of blood until it stopped in front of a door that whoever had entered left ajar. The thought of what lay behind the door halted Kohaku in his tracks as he just stood there. The boy wiped his palms on his pants, smearing sweat and blood along its sides. He tried to steel himself for what came next, but the sight the filled his eyes was too much for his heart to bear. As Kohaku pushed the door in, he stopped short of entering as his knees gave out.

                              Lying dead on the floor were both his grandparents in a pool of their blood. There was a myriad of emotions that welled up inside of Kohaku, unable to accept the situation's reality. He sat there for a moment, trying to calm down. It was unreal to him. To have seen them alive and healthy felt like moments ago. His hand reached out, pressing against the cold skin of his grandparents, confirming the truth, and he could no longer bear to look at them.

                              "What the? Hey, the hell are you doin' up here? You weren't here before."

                              A voice called out from behind him, which he recognized to be the one that boasted about killing them. As he reached out to grab the boy's shoulder, Kohaku whipped around and grasped his wrist. Taken aback, the man struggled to break free from his grasp as Kohaku pulled him closer. Everything happened so fast that it seemed like a blur to Kohaku. Rage took over his mind, and his body moved in accordance with its will.

                              The Byakugan manifested itself again, taking over his vision and the outline of the figure returned. Glowing points connected by golden thread-like lines flowed through his body as Kohaku's hand instinctively went for one near the bandit's bicep, digging his thumb into it. As he did, it pulsed, the line shimmering for a moment before traveling to another point, one behind the earlobe. Kohaku repeated the same movement, beginning to rise as the man fell to the ground, writhing in agony as he screamed out. He was sure to alert the other men, but Kohaku didn't care anymore. The only thing that was left on his mind now was to make them pay for what they did. One way or another, he was going to make them pay.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:42 pm

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                                                          • It was a standoff on both sides. The ones opposing didn't think the kid was serious despite him standing right in front of them with fists outreached. While Koken had never received formal training in close quarters combat, he had been sparring with his brother for years now. That alone was enough to at least give him some idea how people might fight against him even if he wasn't the most experienced. The rain was the only thing drowning out the sound, otherwise it'd be completely silent. One of the bandits up front walked a bit forward, taking from his sheath a cutlass and waved it around with an eerie smile. Was this guy trying to show off the blade or maybe trying to make a statement. Either way Koken just stared, waiting quietly with a blazing glare that could set fire if able. The rest continued to pay mild interest, understanding that the kid probably didn't pose much of a thread but seeing as he was the only real entertainment they had watching this was better than nothing.

                                                            "Listen kid. We'a give ya' a chance to vamoose now. I'm feelin' mighty generous. Ain't much here side for some food. No pretty women or nothin'. Them old ******** didn't put up much of a fight so its been pre-"


                                                            The sudden upsurge of chakra swept through the area as Koken's eyes widened even further. His fist balled so hard that blood started to leak from the palm while his head leaned a little bit back in obvious rage and frustration. There was no way! They didn't! They couldn't have! Taking one step forward with tears starting to stream down the sides of his face, the youth blared a scream at the top of his lungs that gained all of their attention. The Byakugan pulsating in unison.

                                                            "Y-YOU KILLED THEM?! YOU PIECES OF s**t KILLED THEM?!"

                                                            No. He couldn't believe it. Just a few hours ago he was standing out here with Kohaku waving goodbye and like that their lives were just. . gone? And if they'd been here - if they'd have decided to stay, they could've protected them. Kept them safe. Without much else left holding him back Koken rushed forward with wild abandon, rearing his fist back. The opposite smirked, moving out the way of the attack that was easily readable as the younger fighter swung and hit nothing but air. He swung again and again to miss each time, more infuriated than the last. Why?! Why couldn't he hit him?! At the least he had to punch him one time! He had to make them pay for what they'd done.

                                                            "Look at em'. Kids gone and lost his marbles, hahaha. Ya' ain't even hafta' tell em that."

                                                            "Why's it even matta'? Brat was gonna learn anyway, Might as well teach him now."

                                                            "Oi, Jin, hurry it up. Knock em' out or whatever. Gettin' bored of sittin' on this shitty farm. Lets' go see what the guys upstairs are up ta'."

                                                            A swing! A miss! A swing! A miss! Over and over he just kept bucking as the older man now known as Jin kept ducking and dodging. The more he missed the angrier Koken was becoming. More. He needed more to beat this man. No, not just to beat him.

                                                            He needed more to kill him.

                                                            "Yeah. Guess its time to wrap it up, huh? Alright kiddo."

                                                            As Koken threw another fist it was met with a heavy kick to his chest, causing him to let out a cough of pain as spit came out his mouth, dousing the ground. Rolling acoss the floor, he came to a sudden stop while gripping the mud beneath himself. Nothing but dirt and tears covered him. The grime of the earth and his own frustrations sent a spiraling image through Koken's mind as the picture of his Grandparents shattered right there. Now all he had was Kohaku and if these bastards found out he was inside, they'd probably kill him too. That was the last straw that broke him as he slowly rose to his feet once again, some of the men beginning to walk off towards the farm house.

                                                            "Oh, he's gettin' up. Huh."

                                                            "Kid, just stay down and pretend to be dead. We'll ignore ya'."

                                                            "I mean if he wants to die so bad let's just ********' kill em once and for all. Join them old ******** in the afterlife."

                                                            It was sudden. Almost too quick for the one speaking to understand it had happened. Rushing from his original point forward Koken arrived right in front of the last one speaking, arm pulled back with a golden blare of chakra bursting off of it. As they all turned to witness it he'd already struck, sending the man spiraling off forward into and through the dirt before rolling to end at the houses porch. Manically he hacked up bile and blood, wreathing with pain as Koken's arms both crackled with the intensity of his own chakra. There was no way he'd let them walk away alive. Absolutely nothing that would stop him from ripping their heads from their shoulders and making them pay for what they did.

                                                            "What in the world. ."

                                                            "Who the ******** is this kid?"

                                                            "How dare you put your hands on Masama! Ya' really do wanna di-"

                                                            "Shut up."

                                                            They all grew silent staring forward. Some starting to edge of uneasily and walk a bit back in what might be fear.

                                                            "That old woman and that old man. Those two. . They were the only family I had. And you took them from me. Y-You laughed about it. They were the only precious things I had and now they're ********' gone because of you!"

                                                            Turning, Koken began to pace towards the nearest man with a fist outstretched, eyes staring them all down. He could see each and every last one of them. All of their movements inside his field of vision. Before he'd only ever concentrated on Kohaku while his Byakugan was active, but for the first time ever he could see so much more. Through all the anger he felt his body felt lighter and muscles felt empowered; as strong as steel itself. This power. . Whatever it was, it had to only be one thing that he could figure. The blessing of his grandparents looking down on him.

                                                            "Grams. Gramps. Just wait. I'll beat the s**t out of these guys and make sure to put your spirit to rest once and for all."

xCOMPANY: Bandits.
xMOOD: Rage.
xLOCATION: Land of Storm; Farmland.
xOBJECTIVE: Kill them all.

Deecee Sama



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