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A Dragonriders of Pern B/C RP 

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Reply [IC RP] High Reaches Weyr
[Greenflight] Gentle into the Sunset

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Sweet Symmetry

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:54 pm
A gentle breeze coaxed away the last of the wintry cold, a promise of a warm summer to come lingering on its fragrant breath. R'uun watched the gentle giant green doze upon her ledge, a small, concerned smile playing on his lips. It had been so long... So long now, since her fellows had risen. So long since they had had their lessons. And still, she had not felt that freedom so described by their Weyrlingmasters.

Was he the reason she was holding back? Was his immaturity, his reluctance, his passiveness showing once more? Was she indulging him, as she always had? Was she waiting for his permission? His heart broke at the thought, and he looked away, determined not to rouse her with his thoughts. Maybe it was her own hearts that caused her grief? She was a steady creature, a dragon of habit and routine... Maybe the thought of flying did not appeal to her as it had to others.

He picked up his whittling knife, running his finger over the ever so familiar handle, seeking reassurance from a past life. He had grown. He had matured somewhat. He knew himself better, showed a little more outwards confidence... It was a different him now, that contemplating whittling away at his woodwork. And still something didn't sit right.

You were afraid, a soft voice answered him. R'uun started, turning in his chair to see those bright, whirling eyes fix him with a knowing look. But you are not anymore. I have known for some time... She trailed off, as if this alone was the justification for all the waiting. Sometimes she was cryptic.

Her eyes, he realised, were as deep a purple as the sunset that framed her. "Indy..." He began, his mouth going dry, his heart beating fast.

I would never leave you, but I feel a need to fly... You understand. It wasn't a question. It wasn't even a request. A certainty passed between them, and R'uun's heart slowed as he nodded, as he rose to his door and turned the key. Locked away, solitary for now- it would be better if he did not distract her.

Indarrath turned to the golden sky, crooning her appreciation for its beauty, before sweeping off her ledge in a fluid, upwards motion. Her wings felt stiff after her nap, but a good flight ought to bring relief. She crooned again, a large, green, glowing arrow poised above the Weyr, before streaking over its rim and into the heavens above.

It would be a long flight, if she had her say and her will. Acrobatics were never her forte-but she was a strong, well-built dragon. She could last as long as she needed to before having to make her choice. There, twined within her, was R'uun, calm and accepting. The tranquillity of that moment buoyed her, and she flew ever higher, a silent challenge to all those who might seek her favour.



  • This is a one-post flight. Suitors of all types are welcome, HR or unaffiliated only. NPCs are welcome. heart
  • Roll 3 20-sided dice: your position in the Flight is determined by how close each of your rolls are to Indarrath's.
  • The winner will be rolled from the closest three scores and a surprise fourth, selected on Indarrath's preferences. If you roll the exact same as Indarrath, it will be an auto-win (unless more than one suitor rolls the exact same- then I think we should go buy lottery tickets or something).
  • Flight will close Saturday 10th April, 20:00 PST.

Indarrath is a gentle giant of a green, both soft and nurturing. She puts others first, often at personal cost. She's predictable and far from flashy, but her genuine, sincere love for others is endearing (if somewhat indulgent). This green doesn't have a bad bone in her body, and welcomes all. Her serene demeanour and sheltering nature may draw those in need of comfort or support.

R'uun is unavailable this flight.  
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:41 am
User ImageNPC Green Nolioth, of Kiora

The heavy coat of winter was in it’s stages of shedding, slivers of recovering yellows to give way to spring greens. The wind didn’t bite as hard, and though Nolioth barely felt it, it left her rider in better spirits to not be bogged down with snow and ice. It did make for better sunning weather, her multi-toned wings spreading wide to catch every ray of sun that she could. No matter the season, preening and soaking in every ounce of warmth was the best way to spend off hours of drills.

But with the setting sun, Nolioth found herself less inclined to the sun, instead peering down from on high at the dragons still active in the dwindling golden light. But there was one, rich emeralds aglow that had nothing to do with the rich tones of the setting sun.

’Go, my darling,’ Her rider’s tone was almost alight with laughter, the nudge Nolioth needed to rise to her feet. ’I’ll find company, or I won’t. Fly well.’

With an amused snort, Nolioth dropped from her ledge. Using the momentum of her fall to curve back up, and soar after Indarrath. She would pace herself well, for she was bulky for a green, but crooned appreciatively to the lady of splendor. Wreathed in the golden sunlight, yet easily outshining it. I’ll happily follow you to the ends of the sky, if only to bask in your presence for as long as I might be allowed.


NPC Green Nolioth

A romantic from the tops of her headknobs to the tips of her tails, Nolioth is a quiet sort -- a romantic with a fire in her hearts. But what she desires to say is also wanting to do nothing more than to make up for in gestures -- to a shared meal, or soaking up sunlight and watching the sun sink over the mountains.

+Romantic, Passionate, Versatile+
-Daydreaming, Secretive, Cautious-  

Prism Shine

Fanatical Egg

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Shy Mage

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:23 pm
User ImageNPC Blue Balinth, of R'cor
Eyes painted red watched as Indarrath took to the skies. She did not bellow, did not roar challenge, did not hiss and spit at what might come; instead, she took the air quietly, ever so seemingly unassuming. Would anyone notice her unspoken cry? It didn't matter as far as the blue was concerned, because he had noticed--and he would not look away.

Spreading his wings, the large dragon did not hesitate to push himself from his ledge. Where she had remained quiet, Balinth required no such restraint; instead, he cried out to the lovely, young green. Beautiful lady, ever resplendent as you dance upon the wind, your Balinth is here. That the skies are not full of suitors yet is truly a shame--but I shall fly to the last, wherever you lead, simply to have a chance at your favor. Perhaps he was not as well-versed as a Harper or some of the more silver-tongued dragons of the Weyr, but the large blue was giving it his all.

He was here, and he had every hope to follow her to the end.

His rider, R'cor, gave a small sigh. This wasn't what he expected, for Balinth did not rise after every green that took the skies--but he would not object. The once Mercenary had little complaints in terms of flights. While he had been on his way to the Dining Hall to scare up a snack, he found food was the last thing on his mind.

Well, the Weyr was often full of eager individuals happy to entertain such a rider--and R'cor had every intention of finding himself a spot of company.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 8:13 pm
Brown Praeloth of O'ler

User ImageAh.

Greens were not an uncommon sight - especially not so in the fading light of a day, when all other distractions were finally out of the way. Praeloth's fascination with each one was almost like a checkmark put on a list of things that a brown should have had expected of him. Support your bronze leaders from below, support your fellow chromatics from above, don't chase golds, but definitely chase greens - it was perfectly how it should have been, truly.

O'ler didn't even look up from redressing one of his scores from the past sevenday at the way his dragon perked up with interest. He made no statement of permission nor to goad his dragon off of their ledge, not even a glance at his door to ponder his options.

Nor did Praeloth seek such permissions or reassurances from the man, not even a wash of love to remind O'ler that he was, of course, always the brown's number one. He heaved his sore body up to his feet, stretching his wings out to their full length slowly and then dropped down into the Weyrbowl. It would have been impolite, and improper, to keep a beautiful lady waiting.

I have no poetry in me, darling, but my silence does not mean I do not wish I did. He paid little mind to the other suitors and had no mind to be insulted on Indarrath's behalf for a lack of them. It simply would not have been his place to feel it an insult - and he'd much rather focus on flying his best - which was better deserved than a flurry of hastily assembled floral phrasing.  


Beloved Werewolf

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Lonely Bookworm

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:09 pm
User ImageBrown Chluaith of T'nori

It was a good evening for flight, and Chluaith was pleased that he and his bond's downtime coincided with the pleasant weather. At least, he had been at the outset, but T'nori had noticed some wear on their riding harnesses and wanted to tend to it, and then the matter had gotten complicated as it turned out that there were apparently multiple parts of the harness in need of repair. Chluaith, like his rider, was a dutiful dragon, and he would never have suggested T'nori leave work for tomorrow that could be done today, but he could not help feeling sorry that T'nori would probably be occupied the whole evening, and would not have time to fly with him. As a compromise, T'nori had taken his work outside into the weyr bowl so that he could at least glance up from time to time and admire Chluaith in flight until darkness fell.

As it turned out, T'nori would be able to join Chluaith in a much more thrilling sort of flight, for when Indarrath took to the golden sky, Chluaith realized that he very much wanted to pursue her the green. Like him, she was sturdily built and large for her color, and as an exceptionally large dragon himself, Chluaith appreciated that trait in others. Like all greens, she looked especially lovely as she rose in this particular flight, and he informed T'nori that he was going to give chase. His dark-skinned rider began to gather up his leatherworking kit and harness in order to remove himself from the weyrbowl and return to their weyr. This was only the second time Chluaith had flown after a rising green, but the first time had been instructive, and T'nori preferred to be on his own this time.

His rider departing physically, but still sharing in his exultation, Chluaith wheeled in the air and took off, turning over in his mind some sort of pretty something he could call to Indarrath to woo her. Alas, creativity had never been Chluaith's strong suit, and after what felt like too long a time to the brown, he simply told her, You are lovely.

After that, he devoted himself entirely to the task of winning her regard by keeping up with her in flight, deciding that he could best prove the sincerity of his words by flying well and giving her his undivided attention.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:20 am
User Image

NPC Brown Milsith of Len'n

    Milsith was already in the air when he saw an incandescent Indarrath floating toward the heavens. The brown paused to admire her radiant hide, then surged after her with a melodic bellow.

    Indarrath, charming, sweet, steadfast, stunning. I ask that you turn to me, the most capable, powerful, and, frankly, handsome of your suitors as company today. His assertive request was accompanied by a companionable mental brush, the equivalent of leaning in to nudge her shoulder with his own. You won't regret it.

    He followed easily for a time, but his inability to stop showing off eventually slowed Milsith's chase a bit. At least no one could say he didn't look good.

    [ good rolls, wrong order. sounds about right XDD ]



[IC RP] High Reaches Weyr

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