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Reply [IC RP] Western Weyr
[PRP] Find It! (Nashwa/R'thell+Dergs)

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:19 am
So, bonding exercises. It seemed simple enough, on the surface - deepening her bond with her dragon hardly sounded difficult to Nashwa. Really, her only concern was being separated from her dragon, and not because either one of them suffered from anxiety, but because she worried about what Ilaorunth might get up to or into while not under direct supervision. While the young gold was by no means a rabblerouser, nor was she as exhaustingly active as certain other clutchmates, her obsessions with boys and attention rendered her distractable at best, and selfish at worst. She had a way of selectively forgetting that actions had consequences for which she would be responsible, and given their partners for this particular exercise, Nashwa was especially aware of that.

Hide and seek should, theoretically, be easy enough, and she hoped it actually would be. The more quickly they were reunited with their dragons, the less she would have to worry. "Now, we're going to go hide," she said aloud, though she'd already thoroughly explained everything to Ilaorunth more than once, and took the still-fairly-small gold's snout in her hands to kiss. It wouldn't be long at all before they couldn't do this sort of thing indoors. "You stay right here until we tell you to come look for us."

I don't know why you're fussing so much, Mine! We'll be just fine, won't we, Triesteth? She moved to butt affectionately against her sister. Everything was sure to go just splendidly!

Nashwa summoned a smile and looked to R'thell. "Ready?"

backdated for still-smol bbs and bonding!
PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:42 pm
R'thell had found Weyrling Training to be nothing short of wonderful. He was still completely enraptured with his beautiful green, and though he worried and fussed over her poor wing--it wasn't healing quite as well as the Healers had hoped--Triesteth herself was nothing but a blessing and a joy. She brought him new-found happiness everyday, and he couldn't imagine a moment without her gentle touch.

She was his world.

The grief, sorrow, and insecurity he had once possessed was substantially lessened, if not wiped away completely. He had no time to worry about what others thought of him, as he only lived now to keep Triesteth safe and happy. D'zol and heartache was a thing of the past, because he had her.

Bonding lessons were by far his favorite, because it meant he was able to spend more time with Triesteth, and of course, learn all the more about her. Today, he'd been assigned to play hide-and-seek with Nashwa and Ilaorunth. Triesteth was delighted to get to spend more time with her most-wonderful sister (though R'thell knew she would have been equally thrilled to have been assigned tasks with any of her clutchmates!) and the little green's eyes whirled a bright green-blue.

When Ilaorunth affectionately butted against her, Triesth crooned sweetly, turning her head to return the butt with a gentle nuzzle. Oh, Ilaorunth was just the most precious sister. She'd been so lucky to have been hatched with her! We'll be more than fine, certainly! I'm excited to try it! I have no doubt you'll be the best seeker of them all, Ilaorunth. Triesteth acknowledged, knowing full well that there was nothing her clutchmate couldn't do. She, herself, wasn't so sure how good she would do--but Ilaorunth would certainly never steer them wrong!

"Be good, baby girl-- I have no doubt you'll find us in not time." He encouraged. He reached down to give Triesteth's head a fond caress, before looking back up at Nashwa.

"Ready," he smiled. "Let's go find a place to hide." Part of the trick was learning how to keep ones thoughts from their dragonet, which was a useful trick that a rider might need. Just because they were bonded didn't mean a rider needed to blast his or her dragon with every-thought-every-minute-of-every-hour-of-every-day. A healthy bond allowed riders and dragons to have their own thoughts without the other having to hear it all in real-time--or at a very loud volume.

Triesteth watched as Nashwa and Hers left, standing eagerly next to her clutchmate, waiting for Hers command to seek them out. Will we be waiting long, do you think? She asked her sister curiously.



Shy Mage


PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:30 pm
With the walls in her mind thoroughly shored up, and once they were out of sight of their dragons, Nashwa asked as they walked, "Any ideas?" Of course she'd thought about some possibilities herself - in spite of trying not to think about it ahead of time, which was utterly impossible - so the best solution was to hash it out now. "Or shall we just go until we see a likely spot?"

Perhaps Triesteth, unlike Ilaorunth, wasn't actively trying to worm her way through her bonded's defenses in an attempt to cheat.

After all but preening at Triesteth's assertion that she, Ilaorunth, would be the best seeker of them all, the gold watched the pair of humans depart, effectively leaving them to their own devices for a bit - though she knew full well that, in spite of any temptations she might have to go nosing around or get up to one thing or another, supervision wasn't actually far away, even if Hers had carefully shut her out for the time being. Not that the young dragon didn't try to peek, as the ultimate task of finding their riders would be much easier if she could just spy on where they were going in the first place!

Alas, Nashwa was quite the stickler for tasks and rules, and was also well aware of her bonded's predilections, and so the gold was quite firmly shut out. Ilaorunth huffed out a little sigh and answered Triesteth, Mine is very efficient, but she will also want to find a good spot. And she will consult with Yours, of course. So not very long, I think, but not so quickly that it will seem they have rushed.

But still, long enough that just standing here doing nothing would quickly get boring. What a pity that they couldn't go venturing off! Well...not far, anyway. Shall we sit and see if anyone interesting happens by in the meantime? Perhaps even a cute boy! A dragon, a human she could tell Hers about later, either would be exciting! If not, they could always play, but Nashwa had been very careful to remind her to be most gentle with her green sister.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 12:04 pm
Unlike Nashwa and Ilaorunth, R'thell had the opposite problem--he found it hard to keep Triesteth out simply because he didn't want to keep her out. Of course, keeping thoughts hidden from her didn't mean he couldn't still feel their bond, or the waves of love and adoration from his darling green--but he did struggle keeping secrets from her. Thankfully, even if it would have been very easy to get around his mental walls, Triesteth was simple, and sweet, and wouldn't think twice to try to cheat. "The farther we go, the more prone to distraction they might be... I can't tell if we want to make this easy for them or not. Otherwise, no real ideas here." He mused, trying to make sure he kept his thoughts away from his happy little darling.

Honestly, keeping thoughts from a dragon was harder than it sounded--especially when he was actively in the middle of discussing such things. He supposed this was why they were practicing.

The little plump green had nary a thought in her head as she waited. Had Ilaorunth preferred to simply stand there, the little dragon would have had no trouble at all waiting. Not because she was necessarily endlessly patient, but because it wouldn't occur to her that there were other things she might better be doing. Thankfully, her clever, golden sister had other things in mind, and Triesteth was more than happy to go along with what she wanted to do. So long as they still found Theirs, what would it matter if they trotted off for a spell?

Yours sounds as clever as you are. I am glad Mine gets to work with her--just as I'm glad to get to play with you! Whether or not this was actually playing didn't matter. She got to spend time with her clutchmate, and that was what was the most important!

At Ilaorunth's request, the little green gave a happy peep. Oh! I'd like that very much. You always find the most interesting individuals, so I'm sure we won't be waiting long. And that was the truth. Why shouldn't her sister attract the brightest and best? If Triesteth happened to be near, all the better! Faranth knew she wasn't as interesting as her clutchmate--nor as interesting company, as others they might find. Not that she minded--she just wanted to support her beautiful sister.



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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:56 am
With a dragonet so thoroughly obsessed with boys - and not only blue, brown, and bronze ones for herself, but human ones for Hers - Nashwa had had to get good at pushing Ilaorunth away from where she didn't belong, and fast. The gold didn't seem to understand that there were strict rules about new riders and certain thoughts and feelings for very good reason and was forever trying to dig up details about her romantic past, and worse still, shoving attractive new options at her. Or if it wasn't boys, it was attempted distractions from whatever work or task was at hand, pleading temptations to go relax or have a little fun instead. Come on, Mine, what could the harm be?

"Ilaorunth does love her distractions," Nashwa said with a sigh. "Faranth forbid she find a handsome boy to talk to, she might decide finding us isn't worth the time." All this was said with as much affection as anything; she did adore her dragon, but had a sense of humor about managing certain...hedonistic tendencies. Better to recognize them from the beginning than to have a beast of a problem on her hands later. "Hmm. Inside or outside? More dragons to get distracted over outside, but depending on where they nose around inside, they may or may not get in someone's way."

It was six of one, half a dozen of the other, really.

She is very clever indeed, Ilaorunth agreed proudly, a little sashay to her step as she moved to find a good people- and dragon-watching spot. Not too far from the Barracks, of course...within sight of them would surely not get them in any sort of trouble! It was only for a little while, anyway, until they got the go-ahead from Theirs to start the search. Here should do nicely, I think, she pronounced when she judged a spot worthy, turning a circle to assess all the sightlines. She then settled into a most regal pose to recline, and from there could decide on what position relative to her own would best suit her sister.

Perhaps if you sit there, the young Queen suggested, indicating placement beside her but just slightly offset so that she herself would be the most forwardly placed, and there would be enough room for them both to look at their best advantage. From here I'm sure we'll see the best of the boys that come by, and of course they'd have to be blind not to notice us. We'll be entertained in no time, my dear.

[IC RP] Western Weyr

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