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Tags: Roleplay, Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, Assassins Creed, Olympus 

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Vin Angel

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:29 pm
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:00 pm
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What is the right path?.....

What is going to happen? Who will win in this ultimate battle? Who will be the the victor? These were all questions that will be answered as the beautiful Jezebel was walking toward the lone tree. The golden leaves were slowly falling down one at a time, the heat of the sun wasn't the only heat source as right below the tree was a lava falling down the mountain like a waterfall. As she walked under the tree, the stone-faced Jezebel placed her hand over her stomach softly as she sat down on the ground where she picked up one of the golden leaf. The thoughts in her mind was spiraling out of control as she closed her eyes at the peace of the moment.

The peace before the storm.

As her eyes closed, the sorceress began to dream. As her eyes opened, her vision changed to see that she was now in a room, she felt warm within a fur blanket. Her smile softly showed as she sat up straight with the blanket wrapped softly around her, her silver blue eyes blurry from just waking up. The room was covered with trophies of different types from a bull's skull, a bear rug, weapons of different types, and there was a few pictures in frames above a smoldering fireplace. Standing up slowly, she walked over to the framed pictures but strangely enough, the pictures were blurred out.
Was she just dreaming about all that's been happening? Was the war just a dream?
As she placed the picture down, she all of a sudden heard a young child's giggle in the distance. It sounded very familiar as she walked toward the door, opening the wooden door as the blinding light covered the room. Blocking the light from her eyes, Jezebel moved her arm away once her sight re-adjusted as she saw a beautiful sight. What she saw was a small farm around their small cabin, keeping the fur blanket wrapped around her body, her hair still messed up from her rest. Looking out toward the small lake in the distance, she could see two figures in the distance. One figure was a small child with white hair while the other figure was someone that made her heart skip a beat. Long blue and blond hair.
"Please...Please don't be a dream..."
That was all she said as she was about ready to walk forward before flashes of images flew in her mind. Visions of blood and anger as she was now standing in a throne room, blood dripping everywhere as she saw the blue and blond haired man stand above a viking king. The man standing above him repeatedly smashed his forehead against the king's face, indenting it with each hit before dropping down the corpse as he screamed out loudly in anger. A few more visions appeared in front of her from seeing the demigod standing in front of a loyal army of vikings, holding a sword the king once had to seeing a vision of two men standing in a field, covered in armor of different types. One of was in golden armor, a white cape covering one side of him with a golden beam shooting out of the hilt while the other armor had fur wrapped around the collar. His weapon was a two sided blade, a weapon that looked very familiar to her as all of a sudden, the two dashed straight toward each other, swinging their blades at each other before her eyes opened...

Her eyes opened, underneath the blackwood tree with golden leaves flowing off the mountain and down toward the clouds below. Jezebel placed her hand over her stomach as she continued to think about her visions, knowing that with this control over her, she knew that she would have to cross blades with those who she truly cared about. What if she has to fight Vincent? Would she really be able to hurt him?

Is it okay to let your heart lead you?.....

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Marcus Emrys




By Bi Blitz

Vin Angel

Fashionable Hunter

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Mount Olympus

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