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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:20 am
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Basic Info

xxxxxxNick name/Human name:Karp (Jǐn Lǐyú : Koi/Carp)
xxxxxxReal Name:儘雷雨 (Jǐn Léiyǔ : Extreme Storm)
xxxxxxAge:18 human years
xxxxxxRace: Asian (Chinese) Dragon, thinks he's Human (due to memory wiped)
xxxxxxHometown: ???
xxxxxxBirth Day: 19th September
xxxxxxHeight: 183cm
xxxxxxWeight: 64kg

Physical Features

xxxxxxHair Color: Black
xxxxxxEye Color: Amber
xxxxxxComplexion: Fair
xxxxxxTeeth: normal except canines looks a bit sharper
xxxxxxMuscularity: Lean and defined (Human Form)
xxxxxxScales: Dark, amber tinted with gold (Dragon Form)
xxxxxxTattoos: Nil

Fun Info

xxxxxxHobbies: Chess, Reading, Thinking, Cultivating
xxxxxxFavorite Food: Hotpot
xxxxxxFavorite Drink: Sorghum liquor (Kaoliang)
xxxxxxLeast Favorite Food: Carrots and spicy food
xxxxxxLikes: collecting treasures and learning new things
xxxxxxDislikes: noise, arrogance and evil creatures
xxxxxxFears: Being tainted by evil

Elements and Spells [Locked until triggered]

Water Element:
xxxxxx-Water generation - generates water even if there is no water source nearby
xxxxxx-Water Barrier - protect from ranged attacks and slowing physical attacks
xxxxxx-Dehydration - removes water or liquid from target causing severe drynessUser Image
xxxxxx-Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control water
xxxxxx-Tidal Waves - summoning a huge wave of water

Wind Element:
xxxxxx-Haste - increase speed
xxxxxx-Wind Blade - using the sharp wind pressure to rush at attacker
xxxxxx-Blink - instantly appearing in a different nearby place
xxxxxx-Flight and Levitation - mobilizing the air pressure to hover and fly
xxxxxx-Tempest - summoning a violent windy storm

Lightning Element:
xxxxxx-Static Discharge - A crackle of electricity released shocking nearby target
xxxxxx-Energy Signal Manipulation - manipulate electrical signals, control bodily movement of targets and telepathy.
xxxxxx-Revival - light shock wave to revive target's paralysed or cursed status and accelerate healing of cells
xxxxxx-Charged Bolt - generates a bolt of lightning to be thrown at enemies
xxxxxx-Chain Lightning - wide area spread continuous lightning web, will harm friends and enemies alike

Renders credited to HaruGlory. Recoloring & modifications done by me
Character Info

xtwixxxxLevel: ???
xxxxxwxClass: Sorcerer
xxwxxxxSub-Class: Martial Artist
xxxxixxxAlignment:Neutral Good
xxxiitxxxMana Color:Violet

Innate Abilities


Charm Person: Due to the dragon Charm, one may find themselves more attracted or drawn to him for reasons beyond their understanding. More likely to agree with his opinions rather then argue against them, even if they are in disagreement

Aura Sense and Perception: May perceive and read auras with heightened awareness for all objects and living things. It can discern mood and emotions, physical and mental health, power/energy level and characteristics or alignment regardless of status effect.

[Locked until triggered]

Resistance to Base Element: resistance to all damage done by Water, Wind and Lightning Element

Environmental adjustment: adapting to changes in the environmental by altering or shifting their body to survive according to situation

Camouflage: user can blend into their surroundings without any creature or race detecting the user.

Bloodline Abilities [Locked until triggered]

Size Manipulation: manipulate size, changing form to bigger size while enhancing the stats or shrinking and weakening their stats.

Fear Aura: The overwhelming spirit of the Dragon within projects itself outward from Karp. Those within the aura are taken aback by the immense pressure. Mighty warriors will feel uneasy, and the weaker willed must fight the urge to flee.

Regeneration: ability to heal wounds and slowly regrow missing limbs

Special Attacks [Locked until triggered]

Variations from combination of Elements:
xxxxxx-Ice Barrage - combination of Water and Wind Element
xxxxxx-Storm Release - combination of Water and Lightning Element
xxxxxx-Hurricane Lightning - combination of Wind and Lightning Element

Weather Manipulation from combination of Elements (outdoor / open area only):
xxxxxx-Maelstrom - combination of Water and Wind Element
xxxxxx-Stormsurge - combination of Wind and Lightning Element
xxxxxx-Hail Storm - combination of Water, Wind and Lightning Element

Mission Info

xxxxxx S Rank:
xxxxxx A Rank:
xxxxxx B Rank:
xxxxxx C Rank:
PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:22 am
Character History


As a pure bred dragon, he is hated by his siblings due to his difference in aura, scales color and somewhat smaller physique (Dragon Form). Only his eldest brother was always by his side. He was being slandered of not being a dragon but just a carp fish which gotten lucky by jumping through the Dragon Gate and becoming a dragon, thus labeling him as Karp. Even though the name is degrading, he does not mind it at all and laughed it off. He did his best on carrying out his assignments and duty of guarding the Dragon palace and showed impressive talent in lightning element other than the normal water and wind element. He climbed the ranks exceeding his peers, even earning a title of regulator; the one whom watches over a region within the sea and was given a treasured item the Flaming Pearl from the Dragon King himself. However, all this invoked jealousy from his siblings and his constant harassment and discrimination doubled since then. It was later that his eldest brother suggested to 雷雨 not to be too outstanding inducing the other siblings wrath. 雷雨 listened to his brother’s advice and later developed a laidback attitude which eventually reduces the harassment from his siblings’ jealousy and in the end even though he was singled out, he felt happier being left alone.

Although he has a laid back attitude in carrying out his duties, he is still very diligent in cultivating the Flaming Pearl that was given to him. The Flaming Pearl does not have the power of the fire element despite its name and it is a treasure which was vied by all dragons. It is formed by pure energy from the process of skill and power cultivation, which are kept hidden within the dragon’s body and could summon it out when ever needed. The item is very powerful which could cause chaos when it is used. Since Dragon King has bestowed the Flaming Pearl to 雷雨, he has to safe keep this treasured item. It has marked 雷雨 as its true owner and becoming a part of him, which doubled up his cultivation strength and magical power. Albeit being ostracized by others even more ever since he obtained the Pearl, he still felt lucky that his eldest brother is by his side. As his only sibling that is close to him, 雷雨 trusted him and loved him to the extent that he did not hesitate when his brother asked for a loan of the Flaming Pearl. No reason was given and there was no doubt at all, he just simply passed the Flaming Pearl to his brother.

雷雨 is still laid-back on his job and will only be reporting once every week on any unusual findings. It has been 6 days since the loan of his Flaming Pearl but his brother has yet to return. He felt somewhat uneasy regarding this and wanted to try telepathy to contact his brother. However, before he could do so, he was being summoned by the Dragon King. It was found that a Dragon was tainted by evil and is wrecking havoc within the region which he regulates. The evil dragon turns out to be his trusted brother, killing the innocent. The report also stated that the Evil Dragon is using the Flaming Pearl to cause destruction not only within that particular region but also involving other areas, manipulating all beings to the extent of distorting their mind. To make matters worse, both the Evil Dragon and the Flaming Pearl suddenly went missing as if they neither ever existed. 雷雨 is held responsible due to not reporting this earlier. Not only that, the treasured Flaming Pearl which was supposed to be Karp was stolen and now lost. The news struck him like a thunder, he could not believe what was being told and wanted to clarify but could not muster up his voice due to the pressure he is facing. Tons of questions unanswered and he is the one to blame for all the misdeeds done.

The enraged Dragon King then decreed 雷雨 to be slain for his misdeeds. It was at this time that an ancient stepped in asking Dragon King to pardon 雷雨 mistake by giving him another chance to live as dragons’ birthrates are low and they are getting rarer. Though his life was pardoned, he still needs to be punished. Dragon King then ordered to have all his title, duties and even his “Real Name” stripped before banishing him. He will have to assume his human form and all his memories will be wiped. Without any choice, he accepted his fate and obediently followed the guards out to serve his punishment. He was then led into a chamber filled with nothingness and he suddenly felt his mind being pricked painfully. Before he lost consciousness, his final thought was surprisingly not of the betrayal he faced, but merely his nickname Karp. His siblings’ slandering somehow sounded proper; he is now not a Dragon and felt merely like a carp trapped in the pond, therefore, he will be using the name Karp from now on as a reminder for his mistake.

Summary (for those who wants to skip reading a long story):

Karp is born as a dragon residing in the Dragon Palace. He is more talented compared to other siblings and shows a more promising future in charge of regulating a certain region. However, due to certain events, he had neglected his duties and because he trusted the wrong person, he had indirectly caused a major disaster to happen. He was then punished and banished to the Physical Realm, having to assume human form and having his memory wiped off.  



PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:53 am
xxxxxxChapter One:

He awoke with a start and found himself alone in the woods in the middle of the night. He had no idea who or where he currently is. He tried to wreck his brain but to no avail, the only thing comes to mind is his name Karp. He is completely lost and had no idea which direction he should take. It was then after walking for a couple of hours on foot due south that he finally reached a town. There at the town, he finally learned that the place is called Shade City. This is also the first time he felt exhaustion taking over after the long walk. The sun had risen and the place is starting to bustle with everyday life. Karp reached the market place and felt his stomach grumble. He felt strange to this new sensation and thought to himself What is this feeling? . He keeps thinking while walking until he smelled a very nice aroma coming from a shop.

After seating himself, he imitates his order following the table next to him and soon the waiter brought over a vial of liquid called Kaoliang and a pot containing boiling soup and meat with some vegetables in it. He gobbled up the food despite the soup base being hot and boiling, burning his tongue. He then immediately drinks from the vial to relieve the burning sensation but instead felt the liquid burned his throat this time. Urghh, how do you eat this when it hurts so much? he thought while sticking his tongue out. The waitress is still beside him at that time was speechless after seeing Karp eats. Then she cautiously warned him that the Hotpot needs to be eaten slowly and the alcohol needs to be sipped. Karp blushed with embarrassment and laugh lightly to cover up his incompetence. This might be his first time eating food as he couldn’t remember anything prior to this. Taking the advice, he finally able to enjoy the food and drinks he ordered, much to his liking. The waitress seems to be looking at him for far too long until he felt uncomfortable and when he asked, the waitress just laugh and apologized while reluctantly left him alone.

While Karp is eating, his hearing seems to be very keen and can hear everyone’s conversation. He also felt a lot of gazes from nearby tables directed toward him but when he looked at them, they quickly averted their eyes. Though the stares are of admiration and affection, it made him uncomfortable, so he tried ignoring by imagining he would not be too standout. Suddenly he felt his aura retracting and the nearby people pay him no heed anymore. Huh? what's this? he thought, and he tried again releasing his aura and suppressing after another moment and releasing them again. This is fun, maybe I need to perceive more to uncover other abilities? but I think I should not play with this aura too much. Before he could retract, a nearby waitress suddenly put a plate of dish on the table and said ”The bill is on me” and winked at him. Karp feels a bit flustered but suddenly thought of an idea to strike up conversation with her since she was charmed and get her to talk more regarding this place and of course on how he should act and behave. So the town has an academy, I wonder if I could enroll and be accepted. I need to gain more knowledge, who knows maybe I too could join the ranks of Shade and finally have a place that I can belong to.. And with this in mind, Karp starts heading towards the Academy.

Summary (for those who wants to skip reading a long story):

Karp was banished to the Physical Realm without any memories or survival instinct. As he is unfamiliar and lack of knowledge of what he is supposed to do there, he listens in to the conversations between the people in a tavern. He also found out the ability of increasing his charisma to charm a person, having them to trust him and adoring him, making it easier for him to retrieve information. With this he comprehended more of his surroundings by striking up conversation with a waitress and learning more this place which is called Shade City.  
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