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About the World: Characters (NPC)



  • Home: Bill's Ranch

Bill runs a farm and ranch to the southwest of Barton Town. He's been here for years and has quite the extended family working the ranch along with him.



  • Home: Bill's Ranch

The spectacularly dense, but amazingly strong son of Rancher Bill. Purvis has several hobbies, including carrying cows for distance (he puts them over his shoulders like a yoke) and driving fence posts for speed (he holds them still with one hand while he drives the post into the ground with his other fist).



  • Home: Barton Town

The good-natured, flighty, some would even say ditzy, owner of the Barton Flowershoppe. Rina can be challenging to speak with because she's just so excitable, but almost everyone in Barton Town loves her like a daughter.



  • Home: Barton Town

Nicolae ("Nicu" to his friends) is the owner and proprietor of a travelling tinker's wagon. He's set up camp in Barton Town while "all the craziness settles down"...which may be for much longer than he originally intended.



  • Home: Barton Town

The commander of the Barton Town Regulars, Leon leads the defense of Barton Town and its outlying suburbs. He has a large contingent of guards that operate in Town and the surrounding countryside. Leon is a friendly, good-natured, bear of a man who treats his mother well and is loyal to his friends.



  • Home: Zen Gardens

This lonely and slightly detached girl tends the shrine in the area. Solitary for many reasons, she is reserved and quiet, speaking rarely and only to those she has come to trust.



  • Home: Gold Beach

Ike loves the waves. He loves a lot of things, actually...but he loves the waves the most. He's out in the water most days (unless the sea is glass), but he and his friends party on the beach most nights, gathered around a raging bonfire.



  • Home: Bass'ken Lake

Blaze is the daughter of a famous deep sea diver who operates his business out of an old waterwheel mill near Bass'ken Lake. She has a younger brother, Todd, who constantly gets in her hair, which prompts her to spend a lot of time outdoors.



Concept Drawing

Look for his character in the OTAMI RUINS.

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