• Some seek shelter from life's brutality
    That which Mistress Night does provide;
    A shield from pain,
    An umbrella for tears,
    A sentry for fear,
    An acceptance of self.
    But all the same,
    There is a power she lacks
    By one's own or another's hand,
    Does Sir Death not claim her children?

    By laughter, happiness, smiles, love
    Does young Princess Light rule.
    The people of her kingdom
    Hear her voice ring out in song
    Of hope, of friendship,
    Of freedom, of justice.
    But is her kingdom not stained
    By the cold hands of Sir Death?
    He claims her people without hesitation,
    And even the Kingdom of Light will fall.

    So once all great civilizations
    Have burned to a grey ash,
    No one but Sir Death may claim to have
    Shelter, power, freedom, or life.
    He claims our children,
    Spreads our plagues,
    Speeds our years,
    Starts our wars.
    And though many try to flee,
    Even Night and Light succumb.