• Far and wide I've traveled, seen many a Sun Set, and Moon Rise.
    Glimpsed many faces, stared upon countless landscapes.
    I've dreamed of Angels, and their songs.
    But when I met you, words were ripped away, stolen from my breath.
    I saw the Angels come to light your path.

    My dear, won't you take a stroll with me?
    Under the stars, and through the rain?
    We can journey together, farther than we've been, and longer than our breaths can take us.

    Take my hand, let us venture.
    Until the Moon replaces the Sun.

    While the City slumbers, we make our entrance.
    As we run around the darkness, hand in hand, no one can put out the blaze we fire we leave in our wake.
    When the City rises, our escape shall be made, as silent specters.

    My Blue Moon Beauty, surely you know you're strange as Angels.