• Every day is a gift
    a beautifully wrapped present
    containing the fabric of happiness and sadness,
    pain and pleasure,
    sanity and madness,
    and even though we sometimes,
    like on christmas day,
    open our presents and get something we didnt ask for
    we still appreciate that we were able to get something
    that the present, good or bad, was there to be opened
    for you see, like a material gift,
    it matters not what the box holds in store ,
    its the fact that it carries something for you,
    so look at tomorrow as if it were christmas,
    and when you open your eyes to greet the morning,
    know that bestowed upon you is another day of breathe
    so when you open your "gift"
    even if it presents itself as undesired,
    be appreciative.For one day,
    this gift will not arrive.
    so may every night you lay to sleep,
    be as a child on Christmas eve,
    anticipating the gift to come.