• In the dark you hear us creep around.
    in the dark you hear us all around.
    in the dark we see you for who you are.
    in the dark.....

    in the dark our hearts contemplate suicide after every jumpscare, but who cares.
    i dont and i wont loose i refuse to do such an act, the fact remains im drained im scared.
    i wait.... i watch..... i hope...... i dream.
    But then reality hits me and it all comes sucking back into me, deep withing a monster subsides it hides it waits just for the perfect time it can escape to break these iron bars that hold it back.
    waiting and plotting to attack.

    The dreams i dream are falling away.
    no matter how hard i try they seem to die.
    i wish'd they would stay but they just......fall away... fall away.... fall away.
    all they do is fall away.... fall away.... fall away.
    they wont ever stay....stay.....stay....stay.