• You will never be better than me

    Just because you have a different anatomy

    You constantly fight for control through violence

    In your never-ending war for complete dominance

    You only want a house-wife: submissive and quiet

    Who only cares about your p***s and your diet

    Well, baby, you came to the wrong place

    Now, you'll only get a punch in the face

    You laid hands on the wrong woman

    My tits don't represent me as a human

    My youth and age may be deceitful

    But I am an intellectual and an equal

    A human who is ignorant is useless

    Intelligence doesn't make a woman a nuisance

    Women are not the slaves to a man's will

    A person should never treat someone so ill

    Discrimination based on identity is illogical

    The separation of humanity is rather comical

    Respect is not a demand; it's a privilege

    Gender roles really need a change in image

    Women shouldn't be treated better than men

    There should be equal rights, respect, and punishment

    Cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the house, raising the kids

    And a woman who won't do what her husband forbids

    Are female stereotypes that are way outdated

    So, take your patriarchal bullshit and shove it

    You will never have me again

    I know you were only a metaphorical sin

    I left you because of your competition for authority

    Your misogyny represents your deformity

    I will no longer be objectified or degraded

    My purpose in life isn't for being bedded

    I am not a puppet to be controlled

    Excuse me, I have inner respect to uphold