• When you wilt and fester
    I glower as hungry eyes devour a clinking glass of vengeance
    For not too long ago you pointed a silver spoon to my flesh
    It dunked into thin skin and pulled out pits of me
    Lips sucked my flesh away
    You where hungry and selfish
    A hole was eaten through me
    As we roamed in a gift wrapped box topped with a flaxen bow
    which hid a metal barred cage
    You a cannibal I your sister

    With blood tainted bandages
    White eyes reverse the car that hit you
    And put it in drive on you again
    Pressed eyes stare at you quivering
    Scream from my soul to stop
    For this is not my inner beckoning for you
    You a carcass I your sister

    When you hover roofless in a cold dark corner
    Beneath a cruel dark sky shutting your eyes
    I wish to expand my chest and let you reside within my ribs
    In warm, lit, and flesh halls, napping in an oak rocking chair

    When you hear monsters beckon, scream, and snarl
    When they lie, steal, and abuse you
    I want my hearth candlelight to scare the entities
    And play hymns from either flute, lute, or chords
    Letting those whispers fill an empty, corrupt soul
    And let the lullaby sooth

    When they have been raped, reaped, and crushed of everything you are
    Climb into our our secret escape
    I will craft a circlet from cranberries, honeysuckle, and twigs
    And oh so deserving fashion it on your brittle hair

    I want to clean the festering wound that resides in your inner arm
    I want to burn and poison that black mangling hole while you doze away in our paradise
    And replace blue and black blood toxins with a warm oozing and succulent red liquid porcelain you hardly even remember
    I want the pink to return to your cheeks, like the little girl I once remembered
    You my sister I your protector

    However, a tainted an cruel heart will get you no where
    And the space between us is heavy
    So this might just be locked away in a dream box as a fantasy
    for now
    My sister