• Time has surely flown
    Like the wind it has blown
    A course that I have followed
    Through both the calm and the storm

    As I continue along my journey
    I reflect on where I have been
    From being raised as a child
    Learning about the world I will live in

    I had been in love
    A time that was once so dear to me
    I will never regret
    The places it has brought me

    From the island to the forest
    To his home we went
    Where I found warmth and peace
    Even through the winter freeze

    We were so close there
    I truly felt it would always be
    Holding him in my arms
    Would be my destiny

    From the forest to the desert
    We worked tirelessly
    To keep ourselves afloat
    Not knowing what the new tide would bring

    We both felt so much pain
    It seemed everything would fall apart
    We managed to find some grounding
    In a fruit stand making art

    But still our grip grew weak
    I found myself struggling to speak
    I was so afraid to lose him
    For he was the constant I had known

    The time finally came
    When I realized we weren’t the same
    He shredded my heart into tiny pieces
    Leaving me with a vulture that hungrily feasted

    I found true companions that cheered me on
    I had found myself and where I belonged
    Finally standing on my own two feet
    I could brace myself against any breeze

    From the desert to the city
    Is where I now make my stay
    Where the weather has remained sunny
    Every single day

    When I gaze off into the distance
    I can see the clouds collecting
    But now I know the rain will help me grow
    And new flowers will bloom with every downpour