• I want someone to look up to,
    In this horrible, terrifying world.

    I want something to believe in,
    When belief is looked down upon.

    I want someone that will still stand up,
    When everyone else has been shoved to the ground.

    I want something that will always be the truth,
    No matter how many lies this world throws at it.

    I want someone who can still love,
    When everyone else hates them.

    I want something that can protect what is right,
    When all that is wrong stands against it.

    I want someone who is undefeatable,
    Even when every evil and bad person and thing is attacking them.

    I want something that can be shared with all,
    Whether they want to accept it or not.

    I want a true hero,
    One that is perfect,
    One we all know,
    But not one we all believe in.