• Juilet Cries
    Fujiko1/Tamashii No Tomo
    Written on: 9/15/09

    Romeo, Romeo, come take me away
    I don't want to be here, I can't stand another day
    With a family filled with too much hate
    Predestined before, with a criminal fate

    Chaos and disruption
    Selfishness, too
    Disorder is often
    What do I do?

    Too much anger, I can't stand it anymore
    I'm going to mess up, of that I'm sure
    I can't too much more, I want to be free
    Patience are thin, I want to be me

    I can't be the regular fun-loving me
    I can't hide in my room, why can't they see
    That slowly, but surely, I'm dying inside
    I'm stuck in a desert with nowhere to hide

    Their guns are pointed straight at my heart
    Little do they know, it's been torn apart
    Some guy has taken my innocence away
    He left me alone, I wanted to stay (together)

    That's how it goes; nobody cares
    Everybody's selfish, nobody shares
    Sex is such a common thing now
    You do it, you leave, you break up somehow

    All I ever was to him was just another tool
    But, hey, who cares? They teach that in school.
    He used me, he left me, hung me to dry
    I'm broken, I'm beaten, but I refuse to cry

    Anger is how anger goes
    Our family is in ruins, but nobody knows
    They never liked him, this man of mine
    He was really as low as the lowliest swine

    See how selfishness works, it's true
    What would you say if this happened to you?
    What would you do if you lived one hour in my shoes?
    Would you be so lost, so torn, and confused?

    Maybe I'm stupid, the selfish one, I guess
    If I were smart, would we be in this mess?
    Would our family be so broken down?
    Would we be able to smile, not frown?

    Would I be who I really am?
    Would anyone even give a damn?
    Am I the reason we're falling apart?
    I always have been... From the start.

    I was always the f**k up, the stupid one, too
    I hardly obeyed, I hated the view
    I'm the baby in the family, the "spoiled" one, they say
    But do they even realize that I hardly get my way?

    Do they know the pain I feel?
    This hatred and resentment is all to real (to me)
    I know they hate me, I'm selfish, I guess
    But do they realize, they're just like the rest?

    I can't put up with their bickering lies
    I hate fighting with them; they won't hear my cries
    I want to be happy, I want to be good
    I want to be, but I don't think I could

    Not for a while, I'm bound by their rules
    My life is, literally, run by mere fools
    I'm sick of crying, I hate to be weak
    I've been told that I'm strong, but love's what I seek

    Not lust, not hate, not jealousy
    I like to be liked; I want to be free
    Someone to love me, I don't want just sex
    I don't want to be something society reflects

    I'm someone special, that's that I think
    Apparently, to them, I'm too low to sink
    I'm sick of crying, I hate to be weak
    I've been told that I'm strong, but love's what I seek