• Tear me away, torrent strong,
    And cast my pieces down the wind.
    'Till anxious fear and hope are gone,
    And wilderness my only friend.

    I'll ride the highest threat alone,
    The rock beneath my burning heel.
    I'll claim a golden, splintered throne,
    Release the bonds of all I feel.

    Nothing there can capture this.
    Expected are the chains of greed.
    I'm caught within the vicious wish
    Of primal selfishness and need.

    A shadow rises as I climb,
    To tame and stale my wind and rain.
    It seeks to pluck me from the fight,
    And crush my form beneath its haze.

    Until the future closes in,
    With mist and cloud to grey the sun.
    The thunderstorm that lives within
    Can have its freedom while I run.

    I'll rip myself on shattered stone,
    Just to taste the heated blood,
    And revel in my pain alone,
    Raw and burning, soaked with love.