• I had a foolish fantasy, a secret power I could hold.
    That what if, when I looked at my closest companions,
    I could draw out their innermost taciturn soul
    into an array of colors
    that swirled through the air around them.
    I can well imagine what shades would be most commonplace,
    flying around their heads, flowing off their fingertips.
    Most of the time.

    Your colors are the richness of your soul.
    Maroon, deep chestnut brown, and hazel,
    like warmth, that cools when I need it to.
    Colors of safety and comfort that never, never fade.
    Whispers of white.
    Dancing amidst would be ribbons of rose, flecks of green.
    A roaring wind and a gentle breeze to stir them all.
    There are many shades I do not know,
    but I can give them names.
    Adventurous is their laughter, and infectious their joyful noise.

    Lucky, carefree, logical white, and ice blue. Like the limitless sky:
    a backdrop for streaks of orange, red, and gold
    to soar across, like spikes of a sunrise.
    These shades of strength only grow brighter.
    They blend, inventing new colors, depending on what you like.
    You are never afraid to display them.
    Though never shouting, they are never silent.
    And they call me forward with their daring reach,
    An excitement
    that believes in me.

    Calm, cool, mysterious blue.
    Black undertones which know you are in control.
    In tones of luscious green, flowering with meaningful dark red,
    there is a calm song flowing with the spring thaw.
    A royal purple depth so beautiful and strong that I wish,
    I wish,
    you could use my eyes
    and see them all, too.

    The golden-brown tone of sunlight on rich, deep earth.
    It surrounds you and radiates from you,
    Seeping into darker tones,
    transforming them into brilliance and warmth.
    Orange and scarlet, shot through with sparking white and gold,
    this reverberation keeps the hidden midnight blue
    in shadow.

    It could also work on passing strangers.
    I imagine that humanity,
    observed over long stretches of time,
    would fly through every shade imaginable.
    But at any given time,
    if I should wish to see their emotions,
    or the feelings that they hide,
    I could.

    Or, if I wanted, I could lend the power away.
    Because maybe I wouldn't mind
    if they saw the same
    of me.