• I'm an angel in disguise
    and I am searching for the fallen one
    She finally landed in Gaia's town

    I have once lived within this place
    Seeing faces of unfamiliar race
    Is this still the land that I once knew?

    I have no idea where to start looking
    I assume she knows I'm here too

    I know she's dying from the fall
    Her wounds starting to take control

    Suddenly the clock stops at me...
    Now I remember it all...
    The reason why I made it here,

    I am not here to take her back,
    I am here to heal her wounds,
    I am not here to wrap her up,
    My goal here is to set her free
    from the chains that keeps her down..

    She was a victim of humans unsound behavior
    Mans selfish act to amuse himself

    I am here to lessen her heartache
    To hear her shouting cries

    I am here to make a statement
    The reason of my existence

    She's a victim of fate
    And she's here to take refuge
    I'm here to fortify her sanctuary
    To keep her safe until she's healed...

    You know you can always hide yourself in the crowd
    Or you can stay with me until your fine
    From here of I will wait for you
    And I hope this statement reach you in time..