• Could you stop your hiding
    I’m tired of your pretending
    I was never more than nothing
    Tell me one thing, I meant something
    And even more than anything
    I wish this wasn’t happening

    Our friendship is falling apart
    And it’s simply tearing up my heart
    I’d of never guessed from our start
    That we’d be so far apart
    Now there’s not much to say
    Its seems that loves in the way

    Just know that I’ve loved you
    No matter what you may do
    I keep turning to back to you
    Though my emotions turn blue
    I need you more than words can explain
    I need you more than dessert needs rain

    If my words could have an impact
    I would hope that you would learn
    Unfailing love is unconditional
    And surely that’s a fact
    My love for you none can adorn
    You're completely irreplaceable