• It’s getting late
    And I’m still awake
    I’m strumming here endless,
    With a new song to make

    I am thinking of you
    And I feel so true
    Hoping the wind carries
    My tune of my love for you

    Every time I close my eyes
    I look around, throw all disguise
    Every time I feel you around me
    The world goes round and no one can take me back

    Reality screaming on my mind
    I’m always thinking but I can’t find
    A better way to be near you or to spend more time
    So you would feel that I love you

    As the moon glides over and the clouds drift faster on the freezing path
    I see a million stars they twinkle above on where I sat
    I continue writing this desperate tune hoping that I’ll see you soon
    All I wanted is to be near you or to spend more time so you’d feel it too