• My head in the clouds
    my feet on the ground
    i don't know what to do as my tears fall to the ground
    you are my love, the one that taught me much
    with words from a friend, you drop me like im worth a pound
    I see your eyes as you try to lie
    you have love for me, as you cry inside
    As time went through I grew sicker and sicker
    why couldn't my love for you leave so much quicker
    We try to friend as you are with him
    he grows jealous, gives him heart aches, having it eat him up deep inside
    our friendship has to end, your new lover fears that we will be again
    Time has past, contact ended
    you bare a child, i bare a future
    I've had relationships since your friend do us part
    my friend asks for help which is for you
    I choose to throw my head out to mend 3 instead of 2
    you send a message to show your feelings
    your mind how it involves me.
    little you know is that it only helped you sleep at night
    your one hole got its mend you put something to cover
    the hole that leads you to me