• I have always been told
    Never to say never
    And i know this moment
    Ain't soposed to last forever.
    It Floods
    Light as a
    it does
    And we're

    Here's the question
    And i wont answer it now
    Cause thats what faith is
    I do; is my vow!
    Cause its a statement
    Not to him or to you
    Rhetorically sent
    Cause you can see the proof

    There's no need to speak!
    No need to talk!
    Already shot the guy down
    That was mouthing off.
    Please tell me;
    Your heart's gone soft
    Mind is lost,
    Brain's aloft,
    And your a
    Communicational Boss!

    Our relations are
    Unnamed and unknown
    And no-one really knows
    How fond my heart has grown
    Why can't you pick up the phone
    In my mind; I aint alone.

    Is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes.
    Common symptoms include:
    Auditory hallucinations..."

    ~Wait, stop right there!

    Yes, i can hear you
    Even though
    I aint even near you
    Clearly as crystal
    Aint even physical.
    Great, now we got
    An inquisitional pistol!

    Gimme' the bottle b***h!
    Ill take them all!
    Just to fall:
    And play with my balls
    While i stare at a wall.

    In your head
    Im not listening
    Memories you forgot
    Things that I've said
    That I've not.

    Things you pretend;
    You cant hear?
    Message is clear
    Tick tick tick
    Still here!

    Things you pretend;
    Aren't real
    Despite what you feel.
    Rationality yields
    To a much greater appeal...

    -Clears throat-
    "As i was saying!
    Common symptoms include:
    Auditory Hallucinations
    Short Attention Span
    Scattered Brain Function
    Visual Hallucinations"

    ~You mean;
    Tripping Balls?

    I think your
    Perception is to small
    Cause i see seven different things
    When i stare at ya'll
    I hope you'll have the gaul
    Not to drop the ball
    Wise freaks will crawl
    All over the floor
    And on the wall.

    The truth is;
    Vampires dont suck your blood,
    They eat your flesh
    Pull your heart
    Out your chest,
    After ripping the skin
    Off your breast.

    They suckle your teat
    But they'll make you
    Something to eat
    And they'll keep
    Your house clean.

    But I'm really getting sick
    Of mother ******** lawn gnomes
    Nosey sons of bitches
    Always talking s**t
    While they write their poems.

    You think I'm talking s**t: now?
    You think I'm talking s**t: Wow.
    All the creatures you'll see in their faces now...