• Baby girl
    Looking out the window
    Looking down on the people below

    She watches them hurry
    They shuffle and scurry
    Their heads tucked down in shame

    Where are they going
    These people unknowing
    They paint the world in grey

    For here in her room
    The sky’s always blue
    And she never has worry all day

    Yet she yearns to go outside
    To learn the reasons why
    These people look so sad

    But baby girl
    Don’t waste your wish
    The world is full of big scary fish

    You could get lost
    And lose your way
    That would be the end of your days

    But you
    Say Adieu
    To me and your little blue room

    You pack your bags
    With a sly smile
    And I hope it’s worthwhile

    And then I watch you
    Walk into the mass of grey
    Determined to save the day