• The smell of the sea, when winds are free
    the metronome within the ocean.
    a cool calm breeze, sands around my knees,
    the palm trees swaying in motion.

    The dancer on ice, nimble like mice
    duets with a man of water.
    turns and spins, competitions to win
    a slippery tango of wonder.

    A lush-green forest at a woodland nest
    a buck mating with a doe
    With pain she knows where beauty glows
    Prancing with all her soul.

    A boom of sound, one rapid rebound!
    orders to start a story,
    Silence is stolen when music played golden
    notes that wash around me

    A raining flow, a twinkle of snow,
    some ice cubes tap from above.
    a shelter from storms, the fire that warms
    in a hearth inside i love

    The beauty of poetry evolve in chemistry
    Rhythmic words on paper that sings
    The slower beeps, a heart fails to leap
    a lifetime passed in writings.