• And the cow jumped over the moon…
    But why not the cat or the dog?
    Why not the dish and the spoon, so willing to run away together?
    Why can’t the chair fly?
    Superman can!
    So, why not the chair?

    No, Mommy, the plane does not fly.
    Stop looking at me funny
    The plane just doesn’t fly mommy
    But guess what does
    The chair... the chair does fly.

    Mommy, why do they say I’m special?
    Is it cause the chair can fly,
    And not just the cow over the moon.
    Mommy they kept telling me no, that the chair doesn’t fly
    They tell me to play with these planes, but I don’t want them to fly.
    I want the chair to fly
    The cat
    The dog
    The dish and spoon, who ran away together.
    Mommy, I just want to fly.

    Mommy, they took away my toys,
    All they left was the plane and they told me to soar.
    But I told them it doesn’t fly
    And they said I lied.
    But mommy I really tried
    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to
    But the plane doesn’t fly.
    It just leaps and glides.

    I miss you Mommy.
    But they told me that you flew away really, really high.
    See Mommy? We can fly.
    You flew.
    So, why can’t the chair fly too?