• On the shore, by the sea, a child's calls
    are drowned by the water clashing against nearby cliffs
    "O Neptune, O Poseidon, and any other gods of the sea
    bring me a wave and let your favor embrace me"
    She chants her made up prayer endlessly at the water's edge
    to the heathen gods, awaiting a decent wave to come in
    When one finally does, its cold, salty chill sends her running
    and she curses the gods she's prayed to
    with a few taunts and a shake of the fist
    And moments later she makes amends and is praying again
    only for the cycle to repeat
    She does this until her wise old aunt calls her in.

    In her yard, in the desert, a child gathers
    stones and clippings of different plants that her inexperienced
    intuition believes would make good medicine
    She goes about her duty silent and serious
    Completely focused on her new game
    The little shaman grinds the plants with the stones
    creating mixture though she is ignorant of medicinal properties
    Eventually she becomes bored and frustrated with her concoctions
    The rocks she used are now stained green
    She is ready to go inside, but along come her friends
    They are interested in her practices, being shamans themselves
    And together they hold seances until the streetlights come on.