• Lives lost
    Lives ruined
    all because one person

    So much damage
    so much loss
    lives of the innocent
    lives of the serene

    The children lost
    will be missed so
    by the families scarred
    and the nation shocked

    Yet another crazed man
    bent on destruction
    Adam Lanza
    took so much

    Lets break out of poetic verse for a minute just to say that Adam, burn in hell.
    You took so much from the community of Newton. I know that's not the most mature thing to say
    but seriously dude. Burn in hell. Those were children. Those are now families broken inside. The pain
    you caused is extreme.

    Children rest peacefully
    even though you were taken by force
    I hope God calms your souls
    and you can at least live happily
    enjoy the afterlife
    since yours were tragically taken
    I love you all, and hope you rest peacefully
    My hearts and prayers to you and your kin.

    ~Silent Knight