• One day I was the ground,
    Someone ingrained in my soil,
    If I was a car,
    they'd be pumping my oil,

    Even if others lust,
    you don't like recoil,
    Hopefully the pain you may bring,
    never unleashes in turmoil,

    I don't want you to be a contradiction,
    but sometimes trust can be fiction,
    and an affliction from an addiction,
    which ended up being my prediction,

    Of a curse that ended up worse,
    that all the heartbreak in the universe,
    but once you've gone one way there is no reverse,
    with love there won't be reimburse

    There's no nurse that can fix my curse,
    and all I deal with is what hurts,
    all my tears fly out and desperse,
    until the words you left in my brain stop repeating the same verse,

    I knew what it felt like to try to fly,
    but only fell to be left to die,
    I would scream and you never would reply,
    until I'd be asking myself why oh why....

    I finally reincarnate what I believe,
    and I'm trying to re-earn what I've achieved,
    Sure it's taken a while Im trying not to be naive,
    But every little second slowly passes in the breeze.

    I'm down on my knees.