• Amongst the dawn’s rays of lights,
    I walked in solemently,
    No purpose in mind,
    No destination in sight.

    Long had I wandered the freshly paved road,
    Arriving at my home from twenty years past.
    A place of blissful ignorance,
    Now corrupted by Man.

    I could taste the sky,
    Faded sweet mixed with bitter industrialization.
    Cascading memories arose,
    Flowing thoughts as well.

    Before me stood,
    A gentle giant of yore,
    Brown wood standing tall,
    Jutting alongside the road’s tarmac.

    Drifting away,
    I recalled decades of my life.
    Decades spent happily,
    Thriving in the old lush paradise.

    Childhood years long gone,
    Sitting underneath a now dead tree,
    Ignorant of decayed wood.

    A first love,
    A first friend,
    Happy memories and sad alike,
    All intertwining at this nexus.

    I touched the corpse,
    Sighing sadly at the sight.
    Wood crumbling at the touch,
    Destroying a last remnant of memories.

    Leaving no trace,
    I arose,
    Departing the hallow hollow of my youth,
    Trying to forget the tree,
    And put my past behind me.